Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Weekend gaming and ETC ruleset

Yay! I got in my first games and my first tournament over the weekend for 2013.. Does this mean that this will be the year of gaming? Probably not considering how I performed, but things could have been worse!

If you have seen my luck in previous tournament posts you will see a trend. Normally I get in an argument with another player, or a judge, or the organizers, or something.. always a fight follows where I tread it would seem.

Thankfully I can say this was not the case for this tournament. The rules were ETC ( which is something that I have wanted to test for a while now ), the organizers were good, the judges walking around to help were there to help, and when things hit the fan people were mellow about it and we all learned new things!

I took my daemons, mostly because I have them painted finally and to a level that can be fielded properly. Though in hindsight, I would probably not use Daemonettes in a competition gaming environment. They area a huge glass cannon, and die in droves! As much as I hate to admit it, I need to get more bloodletters painted up if I want to play competitively in the tournament scene around here ( and probably other areas as well ).

But I still had fun.

My list was pretty fair I think holding the following:

  • Khorne Herald on Juggernaut, Armor of Khorne, and Fire blade
  • Slannesh Herald with Many Arms
  • Nurgle Herald with slime trail and noxious vapours
  • 30 Khorne Bloodletters, Full Command, and charge banner
  • 30 Slannesh Daemonettes, Full Command, Siren Banner
  • 30 Nurlge Plaguebearers, Full Command, Weeping Banner
  • 4 Screamers
  • 4 Screamers
  • 4 Screamers
  • 7 Furies
  • Fiend
  • Fiend

Not the most optimal of builds for Daemons, but I new I would have fun with it. Mostly cause I got to use the Screamers that I spent so much time and energy on painting!

First game was against an O&G player. I have to say that my luck was horrible in this game.. as this photo to the right shows.. this was my to wound rolls from my furies that got to take on a unit of NGs. I would continue to roll like this for the rest of the tournament unfortunately.. and always at key moments! I guess I can't have a simple day out here when it comes to tournament play.

Other things that went wrong was my Bloodletter unit, with Herald failing to charge his main lord unit.. twice! Also he also failing to charge my Bloodletter unit in between! Why was this so disastrous? Well, mostly because he then got more chances to shoot me with his rock lobber, and in that case snipe my Herald on the Jugger. Who failed his saves, and died cause the rules state that being within the unit you don't get a look out sir, but outside the unit you do? I find issues with that, but only cause it turned the tide in the game for me. Or at least that is my version of it, and that is that! :)

Though sending my Daemonettes up against Savage Orcs was not pretty.

Upside, I saw the benefit of Screamers and Fiends come through. Along with the furies. Furies, and a unit of Screamers went straight up, and unlocked all his fanatics which caused my opponent to read the fanatics new rules and understand charging them is not a good thing to do ( d6 fo hitting them, +d6 for their death throes! Ouch! ). But the other 2 units of Screamers, and 2 Fiends, were quick enough to get behind his lines, and take out all his war machines, just not quickly enough it seems. They did cover a lot of ground, and I would use that again in the next game. I think a few more games with them, and I can see them becoming very useful tools for me when playing with Daemons.

Some shots of the game..

You can begin to see how the screamers and fiends were snaking around his battleline here.

And for our last 2 turns we had to play night fight rules! Due to the power being cut for about 30 or so minutes. Candles were taken out for some tables, while we survived with phone lights, and tablet devices to illuminate our game.

Again, was a good game, but in the end I was massacred. I mean, everything was wiped out except for a single fiend that had finally killed that dreaded rock lobber. But with 1s all over the place, am I really surprised? So I started the tournament with zero points.. which would be sad, if I was not joined by 2 other players with the same point standings!

Second game was a bit more interesting playing against Lizardmen. He had all the trimmings in his army though. Terradons with their rocks, Skinks in skirmish formation, salamander, Engine of the Gods, Sauruses and Slann in Temple Guard. Probably some other items, but can't remember.

Forgot to take photos past the first turn movement. As you can see I have quite a battleline going here.

Learning from my first game, I really used the screamers to their full advantage. Moving the right flank up enough to tempt him to move forward, and the left to be just at the extreme of his shooting. Rest of my army ready to take on his main units.

Turn 2 saw pretty much everything charge him. Bloodletters made a spectacular charge crossing 16 inches ( charge banner!!! ) and slammed home into his unit. Screamers on both sides hitting their targets or making them run away. Screamers on the right hitting into the terradons, with a fiend for support. Taking them out, and continuing on with the fiend, while the screamers lined up for his stegadon. Only to take it down and cross fire it with the deamonettes later on.

Everything on the table getting wiped out, except that the cold one lord took out almost an entire unit of Slannesh until they had help from the Screamers and Plaguebearers to finally overpower him in CR! And overrun him as well.

Things were going great until his last unit of temple guard and slann were left, and I made the mistake of taking them on in combat. With the life spells under him, he continued to cast the +4 toughness spell, making the unit nigh impossible to hurt, and when I did, they also had regen of 4+! So as I lost combat, my units began to dissolve upon themselves from the instability tests.

End result.. win for the LM as I lost by 550 points! Ugh.. not a good fight for me here..

It was after this game that everyone went for lunch, and I had chats with other people on new painting projects. By the time I had finished that conversation, everyone was returning and I lost the chance for lunch! AH! Such luck I was having..

But I still had one more game to go, and it was against a beastmen player. Great player, and he had quite an interesting army as well.. So after waiting for a while for everyone to settle down after getting back from lunch, and moving their armies that were still in last positions from their previous games ( seems no one cared to clean up before going for lunch ) we were able to get underway of deployment of our 3rd game.

And then disaster struck! My opponent got a call that required him to leave! The Horror!

So now I got to sit around, with a massacre win, but without a game to play for my final round. ugh.. I think I am doomed when it comes to tournaments. And that the only luck I have, is bad luck.

Overall the organization was great, the people were good ( though loud when "discussing" rules ) and the rules for ETC were favorable.I need to remake my army to be a bit more competitive for the future I think. So I need to focus on the bloodletters, acquire some Khorne Heralds, and prepare for the next tournament. Is it cheesy to take such a list? Probably.. though the only problem I would have then would be how I could live with myself to play such a cheesy list.. but that is future Mr Lee's problem as a good friend of mine would say ;)

I will post up another post concerning what I did instead of the 3rd game later on though..


  1. Nice batrep and unique night fighting technology as well!

  2. Nice batreps, Good ol Candles very atmospheric for fantasy settings :D

    Playing games are playing games though. I'm yet to play any....

  3. It's nice to see you find time to get in a game. You're always so busy with commission work, you deserve it. I like those Daemons.


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