Thursday, January 31, 2013

Tales of War Pirate Bust - Sloot Gunner

"Argh Matey.. I be the Pirate reject from the Jolly Roger... Arghh.. "

This was a fun little bust to paint up. Mostly because I experimented with Blues into the shadows. Not sure it turned out that great, but I liked the overall result. That and the eyes.. one bloodshot, and one kinda messed up. 

What was interesting was that this was just laid down for base colors with the airbrush, but then everything was painted with a Size 2 brush. Which for me is not normal, but it was the only way to ensure that I got a nice transition in some areas with the thinness of paint that I was using. It could be called more of a wash or glaze more so than paint considering that it was more water than paint. 

Best part of this for me when looking at it again though is how well the NMM came out on the buckle and piercings. I have yet to understand this fully, but with practice comes perfect right? Just means I need to do more in the future then.

And another shot of the guy from the front as the back there is not much to say about it really.

This was the other thing I really experimented, and not sure if it came out well. Was to try to give it more of a shadow on one side than the other. As if the strongest light was from the other side of his face. Even if it is not completely shown that way it is how he looks on my desk ( helps that the light comes from his right of course ) and was a lot of fun trying to make it happen.

Next model to show off is the GW Savage Orc character.. that I have not shown anyone any WIPs of.. so will be interesting to see comments on it from everyone.. 


  1. Great look ,and nice paint Mr Lee

  2. Hola Amigo
    Magnifico,me gusta,la piel mola y el cuero tambien,la mirada le queda bien,esa espresion de loco mola,es agradable probar cosas nuevas
    un saludo


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