Friday, March 30, 2012

Scibor Dwarf Pilot Leonardo

 So I spent a bit more time on this prior to leaving to Izmir. I should have been working on my Orc Boar Boys for MetuCon, or even rebasing the Night Goblins, but once I began working on this, I just couldn't let it go.

There is still a bit of work to be done on it, but I think it has gone in the right direction so far.

The goggle lens are a disputed point at the moment. Burock is stating that there is not enough contrast to them, but I think they fit. I also made the frames in silver instead of bronze/gold like the original artwork, cause I can't do proper bronze at that level in NMM like they can. And again, I think it adds to the realism on the model.. or at least I think so and that matters right?

Few things I want to touch up still are the buttons on the red part of the jacket, and the black areas on the side. Will do that when I return from IzmirCon.

Aviation cap was also painted in a lighter color than the original artwork, as was the skin. Both were a bit too over the top, in my opinion, but really worked with their paint style. For me, this was simpler as it was a base coat of Beastly Brown, and then multiple washes of different GW washes. Like Sepia, Delvan and Ogryn. So again, very simple.

Still requires some more varnish. It has been hit with Satin/Matte in the photos so far, but for some reason still came out extremely shiny. So will see how I can remedy that also after I get back from the convention.

More photos below.. and back to other projects soon enough..


So this weekend I am off to Izmircon, located in .. Izmir.. go figure.. which means.. ROAD TRIP!!!!

This is the third time I am going to this convention, and it was the first one I went to when I got into the convention scene here in Turkey. Have to say it is also what has kicked off a lot of other things for me as well.

Have begun to get more involved with other members across Turkey on the whole painting and gaming side of Warhammer. One of my biggest supporters now was the original organizers of the convention back in 2010 when I first showed up. I refer to him often as he is also the one who commissioned the K'Daai Destroyer to be painted up. He is also my nemisis as for some reason his Dwarf King won over my Giant in the large category painting that year also. I still believe money exchanged hands that year as the judge now is playing with a new set of dice.. and in Turkey those are expensive.. ( no really.. they are.. they are considered a Luxury item.. only in Turkey I believe.. ).

So with that in mind.. expect some fluff posts until I get time to write up proper articles of the trip.. 

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Night Goblin: Arachnarok Spider doppelganger

Whoa this is bright blue.. and that is what I hope my opponents also say..

Say hello to my not so little friend.. this guy is to play as my distraction model when playing WHFB. My hope being that everything goes after such an imposing, bright model, and leaving the other imposing and not so bright model to slip on through.. that is the plan at least..

Why blue? And more importantly, why such a vibrant blue? Well.. honestly.. why not? Who is to say that the Spiders need to be natural colors? Also with my Night Goblin force coming from a more bright blue back ground ( originally they were coming from colder regions of the WH world ), so this model fits into the color scheme better than the other one did.

Again, no howda on it, and I also did not put in the front spikes to it. Not sure if I will either actually. Makes it that much more different to the rest.

Carapace was done with the airbrush, and also this time the model was done in parts. Painting was better, but planning needs work. Due to being in parts, I didn't line up the back legs to both fit into the wood pieces, so only one is in, and the other is sticking out now. Not terrible as it makes the model sit on the base at a weird angle, and again throws off the style of it a bit.

Skin areas was attempted in airbrushing, but came out horrible, so just leaned back on the skin recipe used by the DE Wychs many times previously. Worked out well enough.

Currently it is waiting on a couple of coats of matte varnish to seal it up, but it will be seeing its first games this weekend at Izmircon!!!! Alongside his brother spider in a 2k point 3 round tournament on Sunday. Should be fun to see how dual Arachnarok spiders play in such a small point limit. I have other surprises for that list also, but will wait till after the tournament to talk more on them. Don't want my potential opponents to know all my plans now do I??

More pics below..

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

eBay lot and Scibor Dwarf Bust

So after hearing some very good news concerning my job last week, I went on a bit of a spending spree on eBay.. actually I blame Burock for this as he pointed me to an Auction lot from TrollTrader on eBay.

I have to confess something to begin with though.. I am not big on eBay.. haven't had the best of luck in the past, nor have I really done much with it over time. No real interest as shipping costs to Turkey have always been prohibitive..

That being said, the deals that I saw were too amazing to pass by, and they had a lot of Auctions for items from Scibor, whom I have wanted to collect for a while now. It also doesn't help that the Deamonsmith I painted up recently for the K'Daai Destroyer was from Scibor and gave me the push I needed to jump into getting more.

So what happened.. well.. this happened...

Just a "few" items bought.. they included:

  • AoW Goblin Chief
  • Scibor Goblin Chief
  • Scibor Goblin Warband
  • Scibor Goblin Warriors set 1
  • Scibor Goblin Warriors set 2
  • Scibor Uglyn Lovelord
  • Scibor Chaos Mutant no 2
  • Scibor Dwarf Thane
  • Scibor Moscal Thane
  • Scibor Nice Elf ( Christmas Ogre model )
  • 2 sets of 2  Scibor 40mm resin bases
  • 4 Scibor 54mm Figures from their Dwarf line
  • 3 Scibor busts
    • Goblin
    • Dwarf Pilot
    • Zombie
  • Scibor Moscal on War Bull
All in all.. I spent a lot.. :( But thats future Mr. Lee's problem.. or actually Mrs Lee's problem as they were bought with her CC :) 

On top of this though, I received all of this just 3 business days after paying!!! Which is amazing for something to come that fast from eBay.. so Kudos to TrollTrader for that!!! Also it seems that from their website that they provide free shipping when ordering from their webstore ( not eBay though ) and buy more than 10 GBP worth of product! On par with Maelstrom ( my main supplier or items ) and with this order and their customer service, I can really see myself ordering from them more. Especially since they carry more stuff from Scibor than Maelstrom also, while also giving 10% off retail to boot. Will need to keep an eye on these guys.. I think they be going places.. 

Now as soon as they arrived I just had to crack one open and give it a try.. so here is the first out of the lot that I worked on last night.. spent a good 4 hrs on it.. but still need to do lots of work on it.. 

Not trying to copy the original, but sticking close to it to get the shades and highlights right. Also using this as a practice before I touch the more important ones like the Zombie or Goblin ones.. 

Would love some comments on it.. especially on how it could be improved.. hoping to get more work on it tonight and finish it before heading to IzmirCon so that I can show it off to Burock and the gaming crowd down there. 

That is it for now.. back to work for me.. 

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Night Goblins: Ararchnarok Spider

So this is a project that has been sitting on my shelf for far too long. I received this model a week before it's release thanks to a nice employee at a GW store. He was kind enough to sell it to me early cause I was visiting from Turkey to UK at the time, and knew that it would be weeks before I would see one, and probably not have bought it otherwise ( and he was right in that point ).

It has been in a few tournaments in a primed and base coat of blue state since then. It has even been dropped in last years Izmircon tournament by the guy whom I beat with my Deamons the year previously. I think it was revenge, but he says it was an accident.

Ok, but why did I finish it now? Well mostly because I am hosting a massive 6k point game of Night Goblins vs Dwarfs at this years MetuCon in Ankara on April 21st. So in order to play this came, project Night Goblins was created. And as such, I need to get everything in this army finished.

On top of that, Izmircon is this upcoming weekend, and I wanted to run a dual Arachnarok Spider list for it. So this will be the first of 2, the second sitting on my painting desk currently, waiting to get finished.

Things that I have to say about it though, is that this model can be painted up in pieces, and should be done so. To reach the inner parts once assembled is a complete pain in the rear to say the least. I have had to retouch up many areas over again because of a slip of the brush.

The spines need more of a black wash, but am out of Badab Black, and need to wait until I can pick up some of the new GW Nuln Oil. To try them out and hope it gives me the effect I am after.

Carapace was a mixture of colors thrown through the airbrush. I think it came out good, and the mixture was one that I cannot replicate.. tried, but failed.. so stopped trying.

The highlight of this model to me are the eyes. They just shine and really give it something of a focal point on the model cause the rest of it is so dark ( intentionally ).

As far as the howda and Forest Goblins go.. I won't be putting them on here. I like the Spider in its natural look and feel, and will use the Forest goblins as normal Goblins on foot. I have enough to make a small unit out of them ( with a UF ), so I can use them as such for now. The tiny spiders on the base can represent the extra attacks that the Goblins would normally dish out, I think they would hit just as hard.

So more photos now..

Monday, March 26, 2012

K'Daai Destroyer: Finished?!?!

Is the end nigh? Did the mayans have it correct? Did I really finish a second major commission so quickly? Dammmmnn...

Have to say that initially I was very scared of this project.. mostly due to the size of it, and the previous experiences I have had trying to work on such projects for people. The last large model I had done was the Tower of Sorcery for a guy in Istanbul, and it took forever. Too many times I had to redo things cause the coloring was off, or I would get half way through and the coloring was starting to change cause the mixture was off now.. so many headaches on that project.

This time however, I have to say that I learned from my previous escapades and made sure to use out of the bottle colors, with minimal mixes. So that if I had to put it down for a while ( which was the case more often than not ) I could easily pick it back up and not have to worry about mix ratios and what not.

There is a slight difference between the base lava and the Destroyer itself, but that is more of less intentional so that they can be differentiated from each other.

The summoner came out beautiful I believe, as the skin sculpting on it was so smooth, and the painting on it came out great. The same recipe used on the DE Wyches, but not as highlighted overall. Really had fun painting up that model, and have purchased a lot of Scibor models because of this one.

Overall, the model took roughly 30 hrs to do, which was 15 short of what I was expecting it to take. The biggest issues again were just the weight of the model. Since the K'Daai Destroyer is pure metal, it gets heavy after a while to paint. I did in the end tend to lean it against some foam it came with, and paint it while it laid down. Helped with the weight issue, but still have to rotate it every so often to get the minor details in hard to reach places. Would have been better if I could have painted it in pieces, but the gaps were too large to be done that way also.

So more pictures now, and this project can be officially closed.. now onto other topics.. such as my own Chaos Dwarfs perhaps?

Friday, March 23, 2012

Dark Elf Banner designs

Ok so while doing the flocking and basing last weekend, I had also gone through and updated all the banners.

Originally we were going to use the banner transfers, however I have not done them in a long time, and my last attempts that I remember were horrible. So I actually offered to do them freehand.. something that I also haven't done in a long time, but was more comfortable with doing.. go figure..

So with that in mind, and the client beside me, we began to shout out ideas for banners for different units. With using a bit of thought on the kind of banners that units might also take if they were to be magical.

Photos and details below..

First up is the first Executioner's banner.. shown as an Executioner's Blade cutting a blood moon..

Next Executioner banner was a flaming skull.. the original photo though was more of a Mushroom on a BBQ flame..

This was a funny one.. its for the Corsairs.. and hopefully it looks like a Squid.. an Angry Squid.. one that is in water.. originally I had wanted it to shoot flames out its backside, but somehow that got veto'd..

Second banner for the Corsairs is the Dragon banner.. actually the first test for this ( all tests were done on spare paper thankfully ) came out more like an Angry Chicken!!!! Much laughter occurred there, and we almost went forward with it.. but in the end I think the Dragon heady came out good..

For the poor Black Guards.. this banner was too small to put anything proper on it.. so we decided it should be a raven claw.. but we saw from other attempts that black on this purple was too dark, so we did it in red/orange like the rest of the banners... problem is.. this came out more a Maple Leaf.. so for completeness sake.. whenever they do get fielded.. he will claim it to be an Angry Maple Leaf!!! So opponents beware!

Side note.. I had attempted some tests of angry Maple Leafs.. the anger comes from the eyes!!! And raised eyebrow.. but that is another story for another time..

We just drew flames.. mostly cause we were curing the Black Guard at this time for not ranking up properly.. probably the weakest banner of the bunch, but also probably never used so..

This was originally in black and was the first banner that I had painted.. but after letting it sit for a bit, all we could see were white/grey dots on the banners.. so I had to repaint it.. for my efforts I received 2 pieces of magnetic sheeting for my trays for NGs in 5x10 formation.. good trade there.. This is for the first Spearmen unit..

The first banner I made in red and orange.. might hit it with yellow at the tips still.. for the second Spearman unit..

For the Cold Ones.. I attempted a Hydra motif.. personally I think it looks like something from Fraggle Rock..  But its good for now..

Last one again for the Cold one.. just a basic DE motif once more.. and the beginning of using Blue in the banners to represent flames..

Was fun to do up some freehand for a change.. might have to attempt it more in the future..

Let me know which one you liked the most.. or which one was the funniest.. or worst.. whichever :)

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Daemonic Project 2012...

Just a quick update to show the officially kick off for a project that I am hoping to complete this year finally.. It has been a work in progress for way too long..

To kick things off are the resin bases.. I had shown the scheme for the lava bases already but now I have gone through and put the Vallejo Black Lava onto the rest of the bases. I also then went ahead and primed them all black, ready for when time allows me to begin the next layers of paint to be applied to them.

As you can see from the photo below, this is going to be another large project just like the Night Goblin project that is being worked on now, and the 15-20mm Napoleon projects that I have on-going also. But this one will be a lot more fun, and I will be re-working some of the current painted models.

So here is the photo below..

This is a shot of 400x25mm bases, 35x Cavalry Bases, 9x50mm Bases, and a Chariot base. Though to be honest.. I think I don't have enough to satisfy the current plastic/metal horde stocked up in my cupboards for this project. Only time will tell.. 

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Dark Elf Army FINISHED!!!!

Just a quick post stating that the army itself is finalized!

Basing done.. most models varnished ( ok so still need to do that ) and movement trays completed also.

Was a long road to get this done, and again I have learned a lot while completing this army.

The benefits of batch painting has always been clear to me unfortunately, but now I can see what the best size for a batch is ( its 25-30 btw.. ).

My recipe for purple is pretty much locked down, though now that I have found another purple I might play around with it more.

Though it was the purple that gave me a start on layering on this project, but the skin was what really gave me a chance to practice the layering aspect even further. Here I began to work on trying to really show some depth to the models in this area, and I think I achieved it in the wyches and naked girl especially.

The other biggest thing I learned was the eye painting technique. One that I am now using and will put to good use for future projects.. even for evil projects, whereby I might make it a red background and black pupils.

From here, I am hoping to acquire a DSLR to take better photos of all the different units. Not sure how it will turn out, but I will also attempt to get a custom backdrop done up also to make the photos better. Will see how that goes, and if I should invest in a better camera ( or at least one that is not my cell phone :) ).

In the meantime, take a look at some of the poor photos of the army at the moment...

Characters on Monsters

Extra characters

Repeater Bolt Throwers

Spearman Unit 1

Spearman Unit 2

Cold Ones




Shades Unit 1

Shade Unit 2

Regular Harpies

Gamezone Harpies


Cauldron of Blood

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