Friday, March 16, 2012

Dark Elf: Hag on Cold One

The last character and actual pre-made model for this commission.. do you see that.. that light.. its getting brighter.. like the end of this tunnel of Dark Elfs is ending.. so close..

So this one.. not too sure on it actually.. there is a ton of purple on it, and we have discussed this further together that I might need to update it a bit to break it up a bit more, but for the time being it is what it is.

I loved the model though. A lot of character in it that allowed me to play with some styles on it. It painted up easily enough with the palette that we have for the army. I did try to do some OSL on the staff Skull.. not the best, but still looks good from the table on it.

Problems with the model though is that there is a massive gap on the right side of it where a piece seems to be missing. I had filled that space up as much as I could but there is only so much I can do to it. Thankfully it is not so noticeable as the cloak flows over top it, and blocks it from view while on the gaming table.

More photos below..

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