Tuesday, March 13, 2012

K'Daai Destroyer Updates..

Minor updates happening on the K'Daai project.. more information can be seen on the main project page here..

But here are some photos for the WIP..

The finished base (sans glowing runes on back menhir)

Finished Deamonsmith

Deamonic Snail with lunch.. 

Glowing runes in the foreground of the lava base.. 

Back menhir with glowing runes.. 

Capt lava.. WIP shots of his lava paint job.. 

More capt lava under my painting lamps.. kinda looks like he has a major sunburn at the moment.. 
Still not sure if I will use the Tamiya Clear range on the destroyer itself, but I suspect I will.. as the effect on the lava itself is too much to resist.. will really give him a glowing or fiery look I believe.. but I will test it on the leg or hand first to see how it comes out, and go from there.. nothing like testing on a commission right? :)

More work to be done on it.. so keep your eyes peeled for more random updates or keep looking here for the latest information on it.. 

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