Thursday, March 22, 2012

Daemonic Project 2012...

Just a quick update to show the officially kick off for a project that I am hoping to complete this year finally.. It has been a work in progress for way too long..

To kick things off are the resin bases.. I had shown the scheme for the lava bases already but now I have gone through and put the Vallejo Black Lava onto the rest of the bases. I also then went ahead and primed them all black, ready for when time allows me to begin the next layers of paint to be applied to them.

As you can see from the photo below, this is going to be another large project just like the Night Goblin project that is being worked on now, and the 15-20mm Napoleon projects that I have on-going also. But this one will be a lot more fun, and I will be re-working some of the current painted models.

So here is the photo below..

This is a shot of 400x25mm bases, 35x Cavalry Bases, 9x50mm Bases, and a Chariot base. Though to be honest.. I think I don't have enough to satisfy the current plastic/metal horde stocked up in my cupboards for this project. Only time will tell.. 

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  1. Mysterious aren't we, looking forward to more info Mr.Lee!


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