Friday, March 9, 2012

Dark Elf: Gamezone Harpies

More Harpies!!! Dammn... my war machines will be crying for days over this update..

With all joking aside, these Harpies were a pain to paint up. Not so much due to the extensive detail on them, cause really there is not that much detail on them, but more due to the fact that they are so fragile! Those wings are paper thin, and the connection points for them were not that great. Plus whomever had put them together prior to handing them to me, used some really cheap glue on them. So all the wings had to be re-attached, and some were even pinned into place. Which I can say honestly, was not that easy to pull off considering how thin the wings themselves were.

That point aside, and after using the new GW Liquid Green Stuff to close the gaps between the body and wings, I got down to painting them.

For these ones, since it was not the best weather outside, I could not properly prime them. So instead, I tested out my new bottle of VAC Primer Grey to basecoat them with. Have to say, this stuff works like a treat, and does what it says on the bottle. Normally on metal models, I would prefer to use a spray can, but the Airbrush primer worked just fine. Will be using it more in the future indeed!

Once that was done, I moved onto the skin, considering the fact that it is the biggest area on these models to paint up, I figured it was only right to start there also. A quick coating of VAC Randome Tan, and that was also out of the way. From here it was the process of layer, wash, layer, wash painting on the skin until I got the desired look for them.

Moving to the wings, although not completely evident in the photos, they were done with a base of black, and then a few highlights of black mixed in with Royal Blue. Hair was done with the dark grey with black wash, though again not overly evident in the photos. Both of these areas will probably need some more work, but will wait till we are at the basing stage, and I can fix them all together.

Although they are great sculpts, I was not as impressed with them as I had hoped to be. The only model that was fun to paint up was the one sucking on the poor knight there ( whom I painted up like the rest of the army also.. beware of what you say to a Harpy I guess ).. After doing so much skin on the models, it was kind of nice to get a bit of purple back into them. I think it helps to break up the monotony of the models.

Only other issues I had with these models was trying to figure out how I was going to base them. 3 of them had flat spots that I could use to attach them to the base, so that was simple enough. A little bit of Liquid Green Stuff slathered around them, also helped to seal them in a bit more. But for 2 of them, they didnt really have any contact points that I could have used in to put them to their bases though. My work around here was then to pull out some balsa wood, and kind of press, or gouge out a hole with their feet. From here, I poured a lot of super glue, and again used the LGS to fill in the gaps on it. So far it is holding quite well, and again helps to break up the unit a bit.

All in all, am glad that the unit is finished, and had moved onto more other units in the meantime. More photos below..


  1. Bloody hell! I love these models! I might get them!

    Have you seen the Avatars of War ones? I got them for Christmas and should paint them up soon. I wonder how these would match up for scale...

    1. I would recommend not to get these actually! After having them in many games, they have broken so many times. And the spots to pin the wings on are incredibly small!

      Have seen, but not in person, the AoW ones. Not sure how well they would fit in with these ones honestly.

    2. Hey, It's funny you say that because I went off them after seeing the price and thinking about it for a while. Also, a friend pointed out how badly molded miniatures from this company are. I bought a vampire horsemen from them once which I thought was incredible but actually turned out to be complete shit.


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