Friday, March 23, 2012

Dark Elf Banner designs

Ok so while doing the flocking and basing last weekend, I had also gone through and updated all the banners.

Originally we were going to use the banner transfers, however I have not done them in a long time, and my last attempts that I remember were horrible. So I actually offered to do them freehand.. something that I also haven't done in a long time, but was more comfortable with doing.. go figure..

So with that in mind, and the client beside me, we began to shout out ideas for banners for different units. With using a bit of thought on the kind of banners that units might also take if they were to be magical.

Photos and details below..

First up is the first Executioner's banner.. shown as an Executioner's Blade cutting a blood moon..

Next Executioner banner was a flaming skull.. the original photo though was more of a Mushroom on a BBQ flame..

This was a funny one.. its for the Corsairs.. and hopefully it looks like a Squid.. an Angry Squid.. one that is in water.. originally I had wanted it to shoot flames out its backside, but somehow that got veto'd..

Second banner for the Corsairs is the Dragon banner.. actually the first test for this ( all tests were done on spare paper thankfully ) came out more like an Angry Chicken!!!! Much laughter occurred there, and we almost went forward with it.. but in the end I think the Dragon heady came out good..

For the poor Black Guards.. this banner was too small to put anything proper on it.. so we decided it should be a raven claw.. but we saw from other attempts that black on this purple was too dark, so we did it in red/orange like the rest of the banners... problem is.. this came out more a Maple Leaf.. so for completeness sake.. whenever they do get fielded.. he will claim it to be an Angry Maple Leaf!!! So opponents beware!

Side note.. I had attempted some tests of angry Maple Leafs.. the anger comes from the eyes!!! And raised eyebrow.. but that is another story for another time..

We just drew flames.. mostly cause we were curing the Black Guard at this time for not ranking up properly.. probably the weakest banner of the bunch, but also probably never used so..

This was originally in black and was the first banner that I had painted.. but after letting it sit for a bit, all we could see were white/grey dots on the banners.. so I had to repaint it.. for my efforts I received 2 pieces of magnetic sheeting for my trays for NGs in 5x10 formation.. good trade there.. This is for the first Spearmen unit..

The first banner I made in red and orange.. might hit it with yellow at the tips still.. for the second Spearman unit..

For the Cold Ones.. I attempted a Hydra motif.. personally I think it looks like something from Fraggle Rock..  But its good for now..

Last one again for the Cold one.. just a basic DE motif once more.. and the beginning of using Blue in the banners to represent flames..

Was fun to do up some freehand for a change.. might have to attempt it more in the future..

Let me know which one you liked the most.. or which one was the funniest.. or worst.. whichever :)

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