Friday, March 30, 2012

Scibor Dwarf Pilot Leonardo

 So I spent a bit more time on this prior to leaving to Izmir. I should have been working on my Orc Boar Boys for MetuCon, or even rebasing the Night Goblins, but once I began working on this, I just couldn't let it go.

There is still a bit of work to be done on it, but I think it has gone in the right direction so far.

The goggle lens are a disputed point at the moment. Burock is stating that there is not enough contrast to them, but I think they fit. I also made the frames in silver instead of bronze/gold like the original artwork, cause I can't do proper bronze at that level in NMM like they can. And again, I think it adds to the realism on the model.. or at least I think so and that matters right?

Few things I want to touch up still are the buttons on the red part of the jacket, and the black areas on the side. Will do that when I return from IzmirCon.

Aviation cap was also painted in a lighter color than the original artwork, as was the skin. Both were a bit too over the top, in my opinion, but really worked with their paint style. For me, this was simpler as it was a base coat of Beastly Brown, and then multiple washes of different GW washes. Like Sepia, Delvan and Ogryn. So again, very simple.

Still requires some more varnish. It has been hit with Satin/Matte in the photos so far, but for some reason still came out extremely shiny. So will see how I can remedy that also after I get back from the convention.

More photos below.. and back to other projects soon enough..


  1. beautiful as always. when there is skin exposed, you excel. oh wait... wrong topic :)

    1. What happens in Izmir.. stays in Izmir.. wait.. still wrong topic.. :)


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