Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Dark Elf Army FINISHED!!!!

Just a quick post stating that the army itself is finalized!

Basing done.. most models varnished ( ok so still need to do that ) and movement trays completed also.

Was a long road to get this done, and again I have learned a lot while completing this army.

The benefits of batch painting has always been clear to me unfortunately, but now I can see what the best size for a batch is ( its 25-30 btw.. ).

My recipe for purple is pretty much locked down, though now that I have found another purple I might play around with it more.

Though it was the purple that gave me a start on layering on this project, but the skin was what really gave me a chance to practice the layering aspect even further. Here I began to work on trying to really show some depth to the models in this area, and I think I achieved it in the wyches and naked girl especially.

The other biggest thing I learned was the eye painting technique. One that I am now using and will put to good use for future projects.. even for evil projects, whereby I might make it a red background and black pupils.

From here, I am hoping to acquire a DSLR to take better photos of all the different units. Not sure how it will turn out, but I will also attempt to get a custom backdrop done up also to make the photos better. Will see how that goes, and if I should invest in a better camera ( or at least one that is not my cell phone :) ).

In the meantime, take a look at some of the poor photos of the army at the moment...

Characters on Monsters

Extra characters

Repeater Bolt Throwers

Spearman Unit 1

Spearman Unit 2

Cold Ones




Shades Unit 1

Shade Unit 2

Regular Harpies

Gamezone Harpies


Cauldron of Blood


  1. A bloody great body of work, that purple horde smacks you right in the pupils.....

  2. Indeed.. quite the task, and only 3 months of after work and weekends to get it done.. roughly..

  3. Hey, Where did you get these Hydra out of interest?

  4. They are from Maelstrom's old Bane Beast collection. Not sure if they have them now, but honestly, they had much better models to be used as Hydras than their Hydra. It was one of their first releases I think, and it shows.


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