Monday, March 26, 2012

K'Daai Destroyer: Finished?!?!

Is the end nigh? Did the mayans have it correct? Did I really finish a second major commission so quickly? Dammmmnn...

Have to say that initially I was very scared of this project.. mostly due to the size of it, and the previous experiences I have had trying to work on such projects for people. The last large model I had done was the Tower of Sorcery for a guy in Istanbul, and it took forever. Too many times I had to redo things cause the coloring was off, or I would get half way through and the coloring was starting to change cause the mixture was off now.. so many headaches on that project.

This time however, I have to say that I learned from my previous escapades and made sure to use out of the bottle colors, with minimal mixes. So that if I had to put it down for a while ( which was the case more often than not ) I could easily pick it back up and not have to worry about mix ratios and what not.

There is a slight difference between the base lava and the Destroyer itself, but that is more of less intentional so that they can be differentiated from each other.

The summoner came out beautiful I believe, as the skin sculpting on it was so smooth, and the painting on it came out great. The same recipe used on the DE Wyches, but not as highlighted overall. Really had fun painting up that model, and have purchased a lot of Scibor models because of this one.

Overall, the model took roughly 30 hrs to do, which was 15 short of what I was expecting it to take. The biggest issues again were just the weight of the model. Since the K'Daai Destroyer is pure metal, it gets heavy after a while to paint. I did in the end tend to lean it against some foam it came with, and paint it while it laid down. Helped with the weight issue, but still have to rotate it every so often to get the minor details in hard to reach places. Would have been better if I could have painted it in pieces, but the gaps were too large to be done that way also.

So more pictures now, and this project can be officially closed.. now onto other topics.. such as my own Chaos Dwarfs perhaps?


  1. Great work, he's a beautiful bright fecker isn't he!

  2. Thanks guys.. was quite the monster to paint up but am happy he is completed now :)

  3. finally received it from Mr. Lee while he was in my town for IzmirCon tourney. Even though it is expected to wayworn, I fielded da beast as a part of my army in the tourney and it performed quite OK.

    thanks for your time and the beautiful paint job on this one again ;)

    1. Glad that you liked it, and glad that he did well mate.. may it play well in many games, and failing that survive a fall from your 7th floor condo, so that I can pick it up and sell it to someone else ;)


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