Thursday, March 8, 2012

Random Update!

Random update? Whats this all about?

Seems I have more going on these days than I let on, and as such guess I should do a small update..

First off, the sun is shinning once more in Turkey, and that can only mean that the gaming conventions are just around the corner!!! This is always a good time of year for me as I tend to get more painted in anticipation to the Fantasy tournaments and mega games we play in these events.

Up in front is the ever so popular Izmircon, in well, Izmir! Have gone to this for the last 2 yrs ( taking first place in 2010, and 2nd last year ) and am looking forward to how I do this year. Am taking a different list with me, but one that will either do extremely well or horrible. Either way, it should be fun! Best part of course of the conventions though is meeting back up with the guys down there, and then going out for 2 too many beers afterwards. Am playing it safe this year though.. and driving down on Friday, and not coming back till Monday. So that means MORE DRINKING!!!! Which is always a good thing down there.. though the hang over and headaches the morning after suck, but just makes the gaming that much more challenging, and thus fun!

After this convention, we head over to Ankara for the MetuCon.. the biggest convention in Turkey for gaming over the entire year! Again have been going for the past 2 yrs, though it is surprising lacking in the tournament division, it is still a fun event. Last year we did a demo of Infinity, and this year we are planning a massive 6k point game of Fantasy. Eternal foes pitted against each other.. the lowly Dwarfs vs the Mighty Mighty Night Goblins!!!! At 6k points, we will see a ton of models on the table ( roughly 800 between both armies ) and it should be quite the smash up when placed on a 6x4 foot GW gaming mat. Might have to extend this, but that is not for sure yet.

However in order to pull this off, I have a few models to paint up still. In order to see exactly what I need in order to finish this in time, I have borrowed an idea from Admiral Drax concerning a painting chart. Simple in its implementation, but big on the impact. Considering that I use a white board already to track my progress for painting commissions, to see if I am efficient or not ( meaning, am I making or losing money per model ), this will also help me out tremendously. Wish I had seen it sooner for the Dark Elf Commission.. could have been a good way to show the progress there also.

Quick shot of what I have, and what progress is needed to be taken below..

As you can see, much of it is painted already, most are already WIPs from previous attempts.. though I do have to buy 9 more fanatics ( yes I will field 18 fanatics in this game.. and yes I know this can be both bad and good to have.. but more to the point it is just too much fun not to have that many :) ) but once that is done, I think I have a good chance of making it.. since I will need the Arachnaroks done for IzmirCon, and MetuCon is not until April 21st to 23rd. So plenty of time to get them done up.

On top of that, the other pieces of my second painting rack arrived yesterday, and I quickly put it together this morning. Once assembled, I threw all the space paints onto it, and took a quick snap of my desk as it stands.. I think I need to clean it up a bit more.. but I can now see all my paints, and have easy access to them also. Am very happy with this and more importantly now I can see what other colors are available to paint with instead of the core colors I tend to lean on all the time.

Picture of the desk + gaming table in front of it..

Will have to take a better photo later once it is more cleaned up, and also show the airbrush compressor sitting to the right under the desk also.

Whats scary though, is that I look at this and not think it is full.. due to there being 3 shelves mostly empty still.. thankfully the Conventions will allow me the opportunity to go and buy more paints.. so should be working on my wish list for colors and pre-order them to ensure that they show up ;) Its only like 40 more bottles worth of space there :)

Now back to normal Dark Elf and K'Daai Destroyer painting updates.. 


  1. Wow, that is ambitious! Looking forward to seeing this unfold.

  2. Thanks LF.. will try to set it all up this weekend and see how much work there really is. Still have to create all the movement trays also.. another fun aspect of them :)

  3. Crumbs - that is a lot of every sense of the word! I'm both impressed and dismayed by the prospect of painting that amount of infantry!

    Thanks for the props too, mate.

    - D.

  4. Heh.. Thanks Drax! Most of them are finished thankfully, but it was a hard slog through them the first time around. Cheers for the chart idea though.. just brilliant!

  5. Nice painting table! I love the paint-racks. where can i get some of those?

    Thanks for reading remote presence too!!!

  6. Thanks Tim! You can see more of a review of the paint racks here

    They are from a company called MiniaturicuM in Germany. The second one came with the smaller sides, sent a quick mail to them, and got the replacements sent out free of charge within a week. So pretty good service from them also!

    Hope you enjoy the blog mate! And thanks for stopping by!


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