Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Weekend efforts.. exhausting but effective..

So over the weekend, the owner of the Dark Elf army showed up and helped with the basing aspect of the army. We started around noon, and finished around 2am that night! Almost 14 hrs straight worth of working on the army itself. We took slight breaks for lunch/dinner, and a mid-day TV show break while the sun was too much in the painting room. Watching some decent 2 Broke Girls to up the humor on the day.

In the end however, we were able to do the gravel basing for everything in the army, and do final touch up pieces for models ( such as the Banners, skulls, and lipstick for the wyches ). For the flock we almost got everything finished up, however there were 2 units left over that I had completed on Sunday. Varnish application was applied on Sunday also while it was again quite nice outside.

Quick photo showing some of the activities that I have completed over the previous weekend..

Dark Elfs on the right.. and whats that on the left... 


  1. I like that it was a joint effort with food and breaks but that's a lot of hours done and well finished....

  2. Thanks Fran.. actually this is kind of a normal weekend work as of late to try to get these guys done.. but it was nice to have company to help slog through it :) Now to relax a bit, and focus on the K'Daai Destroyer and Izmircon!!!


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