Monday, March 5, 2012

K'Daai Destroyer Update

Ok so a quick update on the progress of the K'Daai Destroyer.. mostly in the form of the lava base that it will be standing on.

With the Dark Elf commission getting closer to being finished, I wanted to spend a bit of time this weekend working on something else, and this seemed like a great distraction.

I painted it similar to my other lava base article. However I had changed it up slightly. Instead of basing it with red or black, I used a base of VAC Primer Grey, followed by a case of Orange, then yellow, then red.. Then I followed up with more orange, and 2 more layers or variations of yellow. I think it has come out nicely, however it would be nice to get some comments ( yeah am looking at you Burock ;) ) on how it looks, and what kind of updated they could use. I am considering to add a splash of white to parts of it to show some very very bright parts of the lava, but am not sure yet.

Also I am considering to make the runes on the rocks glow.. but am not sure what color is best. Should be it be lava like? Or another color like green or blue? Again not sure, but will have to play around with it a bit more and see what happens.

Now for some pictures!


  1. Very effective. I love the vibrant colours, I can almost feel the heat from here!

  2. Thanks.. will make it a bit brighter still.. add some white in some sections, and fix the rocks a bit more also, but that will be soon enough. Glad it comes off as being HOT!


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