Friday, March 2, 2012

Dark Elf: Corsair Hero

So this little chap was one of the characters of the army. Not sure if there are actually Corsair Heroes in a Dark Elf army, but the model is pretty cool none the less. Especially the helmet. Love the helmet!

I painted it in the same scheme as the rest of the Corsairs done previously, however I tried to make the mask more golden. I also spent a bit more time on the cloak. Making the inside look more like flayed skin, and the outside having a bit more depth to it also.

Honestly this model was not difficult to paint up since as stated it was just a more in depth version of the normal Corsairs. And after doing 50 of them recently, I think I have their style down now. Could probably paint them up in my nightmares I have been having of them lately.

Not much else to say about this guy. Here is a photo of his cloak, cheers!

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