Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Dark Elf: Naked Girl Kneeling?!?!

Ok.. so its not a real naked girl, but I have not painted up a naked chick in what seems like forever.. and by that I mean from the days when I was a youngster and painted the older D&D models.

Was a nice little challenge since it has so much skin.. which I guess is the point of a naked chick kneeling I guess..

There was a small conversion on the head, that I tried to clean up a bit, and the right hand. The arm conversion is great, and seamless, however the head/hair one was needing a bit of work. I used the liquid green stuff to fill it in a bit, and then while painting I tried to make it look like a hair band or rope instead.

So when I got to the skin, I had to do a bit more work on it as there is so much of it. It took longer than expected, and I had to thin out the paint even more to make sure that it didn't look like shiat.

I think it came out great, but am not sure what we will be using it for in the future.. am sure we can find some use for it.

Not much in the way of armor obviously, so I just made the jewelry bronze, and then all the cloth in purple as normal.

Rear view..


  1. You know your flesh sir, she's well done...

  2. Thanks mate.. could be all the Wyches I have painted for this army.. or other reasons not safe to state on public blogs :)

  3. Naughty but nice. If anyone asks, you needed a model to practice painting flesh-tones on. It was a training exercise only... That's what I told SWMBO when I painted a similarly unclad forest elf model. Forest Nymph

    She didn't buy my excuse for a minute though...

  4. Wow Lee.. seems I need more practice on these models. That Nymph of yours is wonderful! Coloring scheme here had no Vallejo colors in it, was all GW colors. Starting with the Tallarn Flesh Foundation color, washed with Ogryn Flesh Wash, and then Tallarn again for highlights. Elf flesh mixed in to be the final highlight, with some more Ogryn washes throughout. Might try out your recipe next. Thanks for that!


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