Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Project Night Goblins: Horde Movement Trays

Ok, so with the immanent completion of the Dark Elfs, I have begun to set up the Night Goblins to be finished. One of the biggest things I require at the moment however are more movement trays. Especially Horde formation Trays. Ones that can hold up to 50 Night Goblins or a variety there of.

So this is my first attempt at it. Taking a 1mm thick plasticard, some Gale Force 9 steel sheeting, spackle, gravel, and glue. I set to work on it. End result is a slightly larger than needed footprint of a movement tray, but one that I can adorn the sides with a bit more pieces of foliage to make it stand out better. Also now, I can be assured that when those pesky cavalry models with their lances come charging, they can fit up against the extra 5mm of space around all sides. Will still measure from the front of the models themselves for charge distances and what not, but it will begin to look better I believe.

As posted previously, I have quite a few updates that are required for this army, so need to really get cracking on it to make them happen. I will most likely also go through and redo most of the painting on the basing, and touch up the odd model here and there as I get them closer to field readiness.

Word of note.. these were painted way back when I first came to Turkey. It was my first real army that I painted up here, and consisted of about 3 or 4 Battle for Skull Pass sets, hence all the mono posed Night Goblins, and Trolls (to be seen later). Am on the fence to buy the last box in the LGS here as they want the same price as the new Isle of Blood boxset, even though it was clearly cheaper back in the day. Uff.. Turkey and their attempts at squeezing ever last dime out of you.

Anyways.. more on these hopefully in the future..

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