Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Dark Elf: Heroic Character

So the last character in the bunch, and another lynchpin in the army towards getting it finished.

This is a conversion made from a Warmachine character, and some Dark Eldar Wych parts. Again all credit goes to the client as it is his conversion work here. And it really fitted together quite a bit better than one might expect. Aside from a bit of LGS work that I had to do on the head ( where their were probably horns at one point? ) and the hollow point on its right leg.

Once done, I got to work on the model itself.

Again no specific style or coloring was made clear here, so I just winged it as best as I could. And again I think I did well with that. Trying my best to keep it within the style that befits the rest of the army theme.

So primarily purple due to the large amount of cloth that surrounded the model. All major armor parts were painted up bronze, and all chainmail done up in silver. I made the left arm be more of a brown leather look instead however, to give the model a bit of a contrast. The gems done up in red again to add some contrast to the model. Otherwise it would turn to dull.

Only updates I have done to the model since the photos was to give her some purple lipstick and some proper eyebrows.

A concern I have with the model, and its more to do with the sculpt than anything, is that the face as it is now, looks too feline. Like it was a half breed or something. Small point, but one that I cannot shake.

Anyways.. more pictures..


  1. The face thing is largely down to the sculptor (I think it was Werner Klocke?) - he does that exaggerated heart shape quite often. Skarre is I think one of the better iterations.

  2. Thanks Von.. its not a bad thing to be honest, it is just different.. but it is a great face to paint as it takes to the paint very easily, and allows for some smooth transitions between the colors.


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