Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Night Goblins: Ararchnarok Spider

So this is a project that has been sitting on my shelf for far too long. I received this model a week before it's release thanks to a nice employee at a GW store. He was kind enough to sell it to me early cause I was visiting from Turkey to UK at the time, and knew that it would be weeks before I would see one, and probably not have bought it otherwise ( and he was right in that point ).

It has been in a few tournaments in a primed and base coat of blue state since then. It has even been dropped in last years Izmircon tournament by the guy whom I beat with my Deamons the year previously. I think it was revenge, but he says it was an accident.

Ok, but why did I finish it now? Well mostly because I am hosting a massive 6k point game of Night Goblins vs Dwarfs at this years MetuCon in Ankara on April 21st. So in order to play this came, project Night Goblins was created. And as such, I need to get everything in this army finished.

On top of that, Izmircon is this upcoming weekend, and I wanted to run a dual Arachnarok Spider list for it. So this will be the first of 2, the second sitting on my painting desk currently, waiting to get finished.

Things that I have to say about it though, is that this model can be painted up in pieces, and should be done so. To reach the inner parts once assembled is a complete pain in the rear to say the least. I have had to retouch up many areas over again because of a slip of the brush.

The spines need more of a black wash, but am out of Badab Black, and need to wait until I can pick up some of the new GW Nuln Oil. To try them out and hope it gives me the effect I am after.

Carapace was a mixture of colors thrown through the airbrush. I think it came out good, and the mixture was one that I cannot replicate.. tried, but failed.. so stopped trying.

The highlight of this model to me are the eyes. They just shine and really give it something of a focal point on the model cause the rest of it is so dark ( intentionally ).

As far as the howda and Forest Goblins go.. I won't be putting them on here. I like the Spider in its natural look and feel, and will use the Forest goblins as normal Goblins on foot. I have enough to make a small unit out of them ( with a UF ), so I can use them as such for now. The tiny spiders on the base can represent the extra attacks that the Goblins would normally dish out, I think they would hit just as hard.

So more photos now..


  1. Now that is fecking impressive, lovely job!

    1. Just wait for his brother to be finished ;)

  2. Nice job! I like the decision to not use the howdah. The spider looks so good, its a shame to busy it up with the howdah.

    1. Thanks guy.. I think it also looks much better without then with.. the second one is almost finished and will be up here quick enough.. need it for this weekend's tournament :)

  3. This is a really sweet model, and you've done a great paint job. I'd have liked to have seen you paint the howdah for it. You wouldn't have had to glue it on, so you could have removed it for display. Best of both worlds then.

    1. Thanks Garfy! I was checking out yours for inspiration on how to do it with the airbrush. I have another one being posted up soon also.

      As far as the howda goes, I might do it in the future, and make it removable as you say, but the Goblins will be turned into a unit of their own. Can never have too many Goblins running around :)


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