Thursday, March 15, 2012

Dark Elf: Dreadlord on Cold One

Another update on the Dark Elfs.. this time being another character model.. the dreaded Dreadlord on Cold One! Have seen this model pop up on another couple of blogs and threads on Warseer lately, and as such thought it was nice to post this up here also.

Nothing special on this model aside from that fact that I started it out on a grey primed color. Won't be doing that again for such a complicated model again in the future though.

Parts that I am really happy with are the face.. as it looks like he is really getting into the action, and really really mad at the enemy in front of him. I think I was able to pull this off to look so good only because of how well the model's face is sculpted. Again normal skin recipe was used, and the new eye painting technique incorporated here also.

The other part that I liked the most was the manner in which the skulls on the Cold One turned out. Have to try to reproduce that, or make that more a natural process for me like the skin and purple recipes. Seems it is a hit of miss at times to get right.

Aside from this, the black highlighting came out better as well. I think the thinned colors from the Vallejo Air range, and being not solid gaming colors, but muted model colors is also helping there. The Black wash to help tie them all together, and remove the harshness of the lines between colors also.

More photos below..


  1. Nice looking character and you've painted him full of character...

    1. Thanks Fran.. I like how the face came out on it.. though this was a really good sculpt for that so..


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