Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Dark Elf: Hydra Beastmasters

Not your typical beastmasters indeed however since we are using the BaneBeast Hydras, we don't exactly have any to go with them ( unless my buddy wants to go and buy Hydras just for their beastmasters, but not used the Hydras.. ). So instead, he took 4 of his Dark Eldar Wyches, and tried to make them look suitably Beastmasterly..

No real direction was given on how they should be painted up, so I just took the normal colors of the army and winged it on them. Meaning then I just started painting and hoped they turned out well...

One comment I have received so far is that they might have a bit too much black on them, however I think they have just enough currently. The purple is situated in key areas, they are mostly Bronzed armor, but with a couple of key spots done in Silver to break them up.

Skin on them came out real nice I believe. These models holding some very nice details in those areas, so it was easier for me to pick out the muscles, and know where to highlight from and up to.

They were quite quick to paint up, and actually, if truth be told. I think I could see myself painting up a Dark Eldar army in the future. Just don't tell Mrs. Lee ;)

More pictures below..

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