Wednesday, March 28, 2012

eBay lot and Scibor Dwarf Bust

So after hearing some very good news concerning my job last week, I went on a bit of a spending spree on eBay.. actually I blame Burock for this as he pointed me to an Auction lot from TrollTrader on eBay.

I have to confess something to begin with though.. I am not big on eBay.. haven't had the best of luck in the past, nor have I really done much with it over time. No real interest as shipping costs to Turkey have always been prohibitive..

That being said, the deals that I saw were too amazing to pass by, and they had a lot of Auctions for items from Scibor, whom I have wanted to collect for a while now. It also doesn't help that the Deamonsmith I painted up recently for the K'Daai Destroyer was from Scibor and gave me the push I needed to jump into getting more.

So what happened.. well.. this happened...

Just a "few" items bought.. they included:

  • AoW Goblin Chief
  • Scibor Goblin Chief
  • Scibor Goblin Warband
  • Scibor Goblin Warriors set 1
  • Scibor Goblin Warriors set 2
  • Scibor Uglyn Lovelord
  • Scibor Chaos Mutant no 2
  • Scibor Dwarf Thane
  • Scibor Moscal Thane
  • Scibor Nice Elf ( Christmas Ogre model )
  • 2 sets of 2  Scibor 40mm resin bases
  • 4 Scibor 54mm Figures from their Dwarf line
  • 3 Scibor busts
    • Goblin
    • Dwarf Pilot
    • Zombie
  • Scibor Moscal on War Bull
All in all.. I spent a lot.. :( But thats future Mr. Lee's problem.. or actually Mrs Lee's problem as they were bought with her CC :) 

On top of this though, I received all of this just 3 business days after paying!!! Which is amazing for something to come that fast from eBay.. so Kudos to TrollTrader for that!!! Also it seems that from their website that they provide free shipping when ordering from their webstore ( not eBay though ) and buy more than 10 GBP worth of product! On par with Maelstrom ( my main supplier or items ) and with this order and their customer service, I can really see myself ordering from them more. Especially since they carry more stuff from Scibor than Maelstrom also, while also giving 10% off retail to boot. Will need to keep an eye on these guys.. I think they be going places.. 

Now as soon as they arrived I just had to crack one open and give it a try.. so here is the first out of the lot that I worked on last night.. spent a good 4 hrs on it.. but still need to do lots of work on it.. 

Not trying to copy the original, but sticking close to it to get the shades and highlights right. Also using this as a practice before I touch the more important ones like the Zombie or Goblin ones.. 

Would love some comments on it.. especially on how it could be improved.. hoping to get more work on it tonight and finish it before heading to IzmirCon so that I can show it off to Burock and the gaming crowd down there. 

That is it for now.. back to work for me.. 


  1. To be honest I can't really see anything to improve as I think it's already great, always nice to receive good mail!

    1. Thanks mate.. the face is the only thing really finished at the moment.. haven't really touched the inside of the jacket part yet, aside from base color. And I received another package during my lunch as well!! Going to be a package receiving week it seems!!


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