Monday, March 12, 2012

Dark Elf: Avatar of War Dark Elf Queens

And here we come back to another great entry into this army. Not 1, but 2 of the beautifully sculpted up Avatars of War Dark Elf Queen kits. Given that there are options in this kit, I had built them to look similiar but different at the same time. Mostly because they will be used as Slaves or Frenzied warriors around the Cauldron of Blood alongside the Mantic Twilight Kin model.

Coloring was simple, worked it to be similar to the Wyches, and Corsairs. Again no wonderfully paintshop pro diagram for them to follow, so I just tried to ensure that it tied into the rest of the army well enough.

Cold One skin cloak, except inside I did purple instead of flayed skin. Right arm sleeve in Purple, and belts in brown. More Silver in this model as there is not as much heavy armor on them. Just the shoulder pad which I think was enough to be really pure Bronze.

They were quite quick, but honestly I think that was solely because they were such great models to paint up.

Quick ( blurry ) photo of their back..


  1. Thanks.. almost at the end of this army commission.. the end is soo close now.. I can see the light..

  2. Hi Mr Lee, I have one of these kits. But how did you go about attaching the right and left pieces to the model. Just need some advice. If you used pin vice, what size bit did you use?

    1. Hi Mark, I didnt pin them actually. I just used super glue, and tweezers.
      If I were to do them again, i would still not pint them, but would use Super Glue Activator like that found over at Makes them stay immediately which is required for these ones, and keeps them together much better.
      Hope that helps.


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