Monday, January 16, 2012

Dark Elf: Mantic Twilight Kin

So another model/character for the Dark Elfs here. This time the Mantic Twlight Kin Sorceress. The model will be part of the cauldron of blood that we will be converting for this army since we do not like the original cauldron too much.

I have to say, that in the photos from Mantic, this model looks great. Seems to have quite a lot of detail on it, and such great character.

Unfortunately, I must have received a bad casting, as this one had little to no features on the face, and was not as much fun to paint as I was hoping it to be.

I did try my best on it though, and even made the heart on the left hand look like it had been freshly acquired from a poor victim.

As stated the face did not come out all the great. It looks like she is freaking herself out with the heart in her hand, and even in real life the face looks to be too flat in comparison to the rest of the model, or in comparison to the wyches done recently.

The other models that will sit with this one in the cauldron are the Avatar of War Dark Elf Queen models. They look the part of being defenders of this unholy machine, and will get some paint soon enough. Can't wait to work on them. 

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