Wednesday, January 18, 2012

English Civil War: Parliament Cavalry

Ok so the next unit up that has FINALLY been completed.. and I highlight the finally bit because they have been on my shelves for well over a year.. apologizes to my mate for holding onto them for so long.. hopefully they were worth the wait..

I am really not into history, especially the English Civil War, but I still find them interesting. Especially the color choices. They would not have been my first choice, and I had to do a bit of customization on the scheme a bit as full yellow ( as outlined on the boxart ) was a bit of an overkill to me. Plus the yellow was a bit more dirty than the boxart also.. as I do not think they would be able to keep them that clean for very long on the field.

So these are the Parliament Cavalry models from Warlord games. Again, great models, if not a bit small ( compared to another major model company ), but the details are nice. Not sure if I will paint the eyes on these ones due to the faces being incredibly small, and not sure if it will be as noticeable as on the infantry which has more crisp features ( upside of being metal I guess ).

The horses were literally done a year ago, so just the riders were done recently. I was holding out to do the yellow with an airbrush, but my new one seems to be stuck in customs still. So didn't want to wait any longer, and really needed a break from the Dark Elf army commission.

For color scheme, I really tried to keep a muted tone throughout, as the yellow was to be the focal point. I think I pulled it off with the darker horses, and clothing accessories on the riders. I tried to keep them contained within Browns, Greys and Blacks mostly.. with the white horse there just to test out my old airbrush before it bite the dust..

Anyways.. onto the pictures..

Not sure what is up next.. but most likely it is more Dark Elfs.. have plenty of them left to paint up :)

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