Monday, January 23, 2012

Dark Elfs: Cold Ones Part 1

Next unit up was the cold ones. Have to say that this unit scared me a bit since I was working on the purples and metals so much that I almost forgot how to paint browns and greens.

Since I got the new airbrush though, I really had the chance to give it a shot on these guys. So with the greens and khaki colors in hand, I went to work on them. In the span of 1.5 hrs, I had the basic green, highlight green, and also the khaki coloring done up. If I had done this by hand, it would have easily taken me 9 hrs or more. And the effect would not have been as good, nor would I have used as little paint as I had.

So from here, I did up the straps in VGC Terra Brown before washing them with GW Sepia and Ogryn. Silver was simple enough, and the spikes/claws were VGC Khaki, VGC Bone highlight, and then GW Delvan Mud washes.

Fully finished up in about 11 hrs in total ( 2 of which was a bust due to the original airbrushing attempts ).

Now onto the riders, but first more photos.


  1. awesome stuff with the cold ones matey. already a fan of your new airbrush :)

  2. Thanks guys.. the airbrush is definitely helping out on making things go faster here. The riders are coming, as is the Hydra!


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