Friday, January 13, 2012

Harder and Steenbeck: Infinity 2 in 1 Airbrush

Ok so last night I received my Christmas gift from my parents.. and yes it took a while to arrive.. seems that certain items were selling faster than the online retailer expected, and as such I had to wait for a restock.

No problems on that, as it has arrived, and oh it is so sweet!!

What is it? Well as the title states.. its the Harder and Steenbeck Infinity 2 in 1 Airbrush.

As you can see.. it is in a class all its own. Prior to buying it I scoured the internet looking for what could be the best airbrush for what I am doing, and everywhere I looked this small beauty popped up. I especially checked on YouTube for reviews and came across a few that were of interest, and helped solidify that this was the airbrush to get.

As stated though, the supplier had none in stock. And considering that I had ordered this way back in the beginning of December, and just received it now in the mid of January I was not impressed. After sending off a few mails and getting weak to little responses, I was again not impressed, more so considering the cost of the airbrush.

What I was happily surprised about though was the fact that because I was so patient with him, and didn't completely blow up on him, he threw in some extras to make up for it. Including, but not limited to, a spare hose, nozzle and component cleaning brushes, a nozzle reamer ( to clean the dried paint from the nozzle ), a quick release hose adapter, and an airbrush gun holder. Have tried the holder, not too impressed, so not sure if I will use it or not, but the rest of the pieces are great. The cleaning set, and extra hose are always a welcome addition. Can never know when you might need a spare of either of them, so having doubles of both is never a bad thing.

Once I opened the case, I was impressed by the pieces that were included. I knew that it came with the 2 different sized cups, and the ability to switch between a .15 and a .4 sized pin, and each had their own nozzle sections, but seeing how easy they were to switch between cups, and needles was quite easy and a nice change of pace compared to my older AB 180 Airbrush I had previously. The fact that it also comes with both .15 and .4 needles in the pack is another great thing to have.

Hooking it up to my compressor was another easy task, which was something that I was concerned with. But with the hose quick release adapter, it was a nice surprise and made the hook up quite fast. Plus, since the Infinity comes with the quick release adapter also, I have a spare for the older Airbrush, or for when I get a second airbrush if/when that happens or is needed. What was funny though was that as soon as I hooked it up, and turned it on with my normal PSI, the thing was shooting air like it was a sandblaster! Seems this one has the ability to take in air much better than my older one.. and also that 200 PSI is not needed to actually use an airbrush.. quickly turned it off, and turned down the dial to 30 psi, and it was still spewing air better than the older one at 200 PSI.. so another great point in my book for this one.. and to invest it a newer better quality airbrush.

Biggest thing I will have to do is to clean this one much better, and spend a bit more time with the mixing ratios when working with it. Aside from that, I think this one is going to last quite a long time, and will help me churn through quite a few models in no time.

Few extra photos of the other pieces that I got to help out also..

Overspray cleaning pot

Infinity Hard cover case

Close up of the airbrush

Nozzle reamer

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