Friday, January 13, 2012

English Civil War: Royalists

So I have had some of these Warlord models in my painting queue for longer than I care to really mention. They belong to a good friend of mine who continues to tell me no rush. What that translates to me is that I can procrastinate on them and paint other things. And unfortunately I have been doing just that.. for well over a year.. Not cool..

With that being said, I have begun to seeing more blogs popping up with historical models in them. So with that for motivation, I have dug into the ECW models, and given them a lick of paint.

The guys in red were done about a year ago, and the guys in yellow done just recently.. cannot say that I have improved too much, and that I can also say that I hate the color yellow.. more for painting than the actually color itself.

Some photos..

The Yellow is a base of VGC Earth as a base, and then with VGC Gold Yellow mixed in. Till we got to a pure Gold yellow, with a wash of the mix on top. I had to really play with the yellows here as it was either going to be too bright or too dark.. so the compromise was something in between.

As far as my painting style goes, I deviated from it to make them a bit more exaggerated in the coloring.. to show off the details a bit more. Especially on the pants and jackets. I think it gives it a bit more character, and also when they are lined up on my desk ( and not super enlarged in photos ) they look decent and coherent.

I still need to do the feathers.. but haven't figure out what color yet.

Next up for these guys are 12 of the riders. Horses are almost finished, and have been in that state for quite a while, but the riders are just getting started on.. so hopefully I can get them finished up soon enough. 

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