Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Dark Elf: Black Guard

Ok so another big unit done for the Dark Elf army.. well done being a relative word here, as I have not finished the command models for it though. I again used the main colors for this army on this unit, and tried to make it so that the metal was not overshadowing the whole model.

Originally the arm guards were also bronze, but this made the overall model too bronze heavy. The silver breaks up the coloring well at the same time making them look tough and encased in armor.

As you can see also, I am trying to set up a photo booth or light box for the models to take better photos. So far it is working, but now I need to find or actually use a photo edit program to reduce the extra light spectrum in the photos. Baby steps though, for now at least I can take photos without showing off my messy desk.

Until next time.. 

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