Friday, February 10, 2012

Lava Bases

Ok so with the K'Daai Destroyer commission in play, I need to relearn how to paint the lava bases. At least to make them look decent.

So I pulled out some of my old resin lava bases that I have had for way too long in the drawer. Thankfully they were already primed, so I had the chance to give them a painting.

First step here was to take the primed bases, and added some texture from a new product that I just picked up called Black Lava from Vallejo. Since they were resin bases already, some of them do not have texture on the base aspect of them. So I used the Black Lava texture to make it look better.

Resin bases with the Black Lava texturing.
Then onward to the painting aspect. Starting with the reds.

Over spray of the red was intentional to give the illusion of glowing lava.
Then the oranges, Ogryn wash, and then yellows.

The orange through the airbrush came out flat.. 

.. so added the Ogryn Flesh wash to brighter it up, give it some depth, and smooth it out to the red.

Yellow was added last, and only on the extreme edges. 
Once this was all done, I was contemplating doing some white, but it was looking bright enough, so went straight to fixing up the base edges and the rocks. This was done with a straight black, then highlighted with 2 shades of grey.

Black was quickly slathered onto the base, allowing it to spill over a bit to the sides of the rocks.

2 levels of grey were stippled onto the rock area to give it some depth.

I think the end result turned out good, and much better than some of my first attempts at using the airbrush and painting lava bases. I was working on 20 of them, but it took much longer than I anticipated to get them done. I haven't quite finished the other 19 for the black areas, but those will get done later this week. Will post up photos when they are ready.

Painted used were as shown below:

And the Black Lava bottle.. this stuff is great. Says on the side that it can take up to 45 minutes to dry, however it was drying on the bases within 5-10 minutes.. which is great. Also means however that I shouldn't be keeping the bottle open for too long,but I suspect it only dried so fast due to being such a small layer of the stuff.

Cannot wait to give this a shot on the K'Daai Destroyer base, and see what I can do with it on a much larger surface. Might even give it a shot to do some bigger reliefs in the base also. Should be fun!

Latest status of the Lava bases WIP..

Top right is finished version, the rest are just black rocks started. Probably could use a black wash on the grey still.

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