Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Dark Elfs: Dreadlord Converted

My first real character for this commission. This guy has a ton of details on him, and was slightly converted by the client due to it being part of a lot purchase and had pieces missing from it.

Since it was a character model, I wanted it again to stick out from the crowd. Using the same basic colors, but added the reds here to again accent the colors. The dragon on the shoulder I did up in darker greens, and a brown belly. Similar to the cold ones, except a bit darker.

It did not take long once more, as I just got stuck in with it and went to it for painting. Actually what was funny was that I was working on it in the morning, and the owner called me to say he was on his way over to drop off mode models. I had just basically started on it, and had just the metals started, but by the time he appeared 45 minutes later a majority of the model was finished. Was just needing to do up the gems, dragon, face areas.

What is fun with this model, is that I painted up the squished High Elf helm with the colors ( almost ) to that of the client's own High Elf army. Always nice to tie these kind of models together with others that are familiar or common to play with/against.

Not sure what is next on the plate, but there is not much left in the commission at the moment, so its getting very close to completion now.

More pictures below..

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