Friday, February 3, 2012

Dark Elf: Shades

Wow.. this army is starting to move forward quite quickly.. this last unit was even easier as I have begun to look at how to maximize the use of the airbrush while working on infantry models.

Specifically this unit, whereby the main colors of purple and khaki/browns were hit with the airbrush prior to going at it with brush.

Color scheme here was that the main tunic would be purple, and the cloak in greys. Similar to the previous Assassin. Did this to have some unity between the units, but also since these are just Table Top plus quality, so simplified the color scheme a bit without sacrificing too much of the quality on them.

They were fun to paint up though, and as mentioned very quick. All 17 were done in a matter of 3 painting sessions, spread over 7-ish hours. The eyes did not come out the best, but I think they do not detract too much fro the rest of the model itself.

The purple itself I also upped the tone a bit to make them both darker but more vibrant than the other units.

And more pictures now..

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