Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Dark Elf: Repeater Bolt Thrower

So after a very busy weekend of painting here are some of the results of my effort. First of the bunch is the Repeater Bolt Thrower, and its crew.

This was not part of the original project, and so was a bit of a surprise to get them. Actually we had joked how he had pretty much everything else, except the war machines. So he went out and bought 2 of them and handed them over to me.

Have to say, I am very happy that he put them together, as everywhere I read on the assembly of them they are just a complete pain. So I just had the lovely time of painting them then.

Originally the bolts were a bit darker, but updated them to be different than the wood on the RBT itself. For the overall color scheme, I just winged it for the coloring style however, and am glad that it turned out nicely.

The crew were also great to paint. Almost identical to the normal warriors, however they have a lot more detail, and since being metal, were also much nicer to paint up. All in all, they did not take much time to do up, something close to 6-7 hrs in total, which is nice considering that they were not a batch job. Normally for one offs, it takes me a bit longer to do the solo models due to having to remix the colors all the time. No rhythm can really be set up for painting it, and they end up like little Hero models being painted.

More photos of the rest of the weekend's projects forthcoming over the rest of the week.

In the meantime, here are more photos of the crew and war machines..


  1. Very nice work, I've always liked the dark elves rather than their goody two shoes cousins....

  2. Thanks, and am the same now. Used to appreciate the High Elfs more, but after painting these guys up I could see myself selling my HEs off, and painting up a DE force for myself someday.. of course that day being the day AFTER GW reduces their prices.. and makes it affordable to do so ;)


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