Monday, February 6, 2012

Dark Elf: Assassin

So once again, we come to another Hero model for this Dark Elf army commission. This time it is another Assassin. Quite a nice model, and I spent a bit more time on it in some areas to really give it a bit of extra "pop" and details for when it does appear on the table.

So I took then basic colors that we have used throughout the army so far, and added more layers and highlights to them. Also added in some brown to the model to give it a bit of difference between it and other models. More so since this one looks quite similar to the Shade models themselves.

Have to remind that the model has not been sealed with any varnishes just like all the other models. Will be waiting for when we do the basing of the army itself, and then will do up a nice set of Gloss Varnish, and then Matte Varnish so that it doesn't look a reject from a Twilight model. :)

More photos below..

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