Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Chaos Dwarf: K'Daai Snail Update

So I was able to get a bit of work on the side portions of the K'Daai Destroyer while working on other models. Not a lot, but still enough to warrant the first of many interruptions to the regularly scheduled postings!

Main project page has more information, but the summary is just that it was primed black, airbrushed with Vallejo Air Color Radome Tan heavily on the shell. This gave it a great beginning color to work with, and finished it with 2 heavy layers of GW Delven Mud.

the Left over Radome Tan coloring was then misted or dusted over the remainder of the model to give an off grey coloring, which was then layered in a variety of washes. Included in those were the GW Purple, Red and Delven Mud. While the washes were still wet, and a bit matted together, I just wiped off the washes from the main highlight sections like forehead, and arm muscles so that the original color sticks out more.

Still lots to do on it though, as now I need to finish the dead man in his grip, the mouth, and eyes. Once that is finished, the second snail will get some love'n, and the Summoner progress can be better shown also.

More pictures here..

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