Monday, February 27, 2012

Infinity Battlefoam Beta Bag

Ok, I am not usually one to buy things on a whim.. wait wha?? Of course I am.. or so my bank account says.. With that being said, back in November, Wayland Games had a promotion on Battlefoam bags being 25% off. With this, and the fact that I have been travelling back and forth to Izmir with my Infinity, I figured this would be a good time to pick one of their beta bags up.

Now the first thing I want to say about this is that yes I ordered it in November.. however I just received it last week. I cannot say that I am overly impressed with the fact that it took forever to be shipped out. Of course this was due to the fact that it was on Pre-Order for what seems like an eternity. To be honest, if a product is not even close to being released, and there is a chance that it can be on pre-order for over 4 months.. then I think it should be clearly stated or not put up for ordering at all. Biggest disappointment concerning this order. 

However, since it has finally arrived.. how does the bag look and feel? Again first impressions is that it is a lot smaller than I had first envisioned. Although the description states the dimensions, when you actually have it in your hands it is quite small considering the price paid for it. At £31.20 normally without shipping costs, it was quite expensive, so thankfully the 25% off promotion was a nice added bonus to them at least. But when looking at what it is in comparison to say the Games Workshop carrying case, which retails for £36, but can hold quite a bit more. So again on that point I am not impressed with it.

These are the bad points of it.. and the ones that immediately jump to me concerning my purchase experience from Wayland, and the actual product itself. Both of which are large enough to prevent me from purchasing either of their products or services again.

The good points of the bag however is that due to its tiny stature, it will make it easy to transport my army on future trips to Izmir, or even England if the opportunity arises. Small enough to fit into a carry on luggage, yet large enough to carry my Nomad range. Not everything in the Nomad range, but enough to have several lists within the case.

On top of this, the case is solid. It looks and feels like a redesigned CD case, that is large enough to fit hardfoam trays. The top tray is perfect for Infinity models, specifically the Nomads. And having them to stand upright when the case is standing it another great feature of the tray itself also. The bottom tray however is a pluck foam tray. You can make the spaces as large or as small s needed. Which is quite neat, and now I need to figure out what is the best options for me to do with it. So far I have taken out a space large enough for the Salamandra model. Though the 1.5" foam is not deep enough to really fit the Salamandra, due to the little bit of leeway in the trays it is still fitting when the case is closed. For the rest of the pluck foam tray, I need to figure out how I will arrange the rest of the tray. 

So was the Infinity Battlefoam Beta bag worth it? Honestly.. not sure yet.. To summarize, it was good to see it finally arrive, the smaller size is good for some things ( travel ) but if I actually get all the Nomad models ( which is likely a given knowing me ) then it is not large enough. Price is expensive, and honestly, again am not sure if it was worth it. For sturdy or protection, we will see how that handles over time. From other bloggers that have done similar reviews it is known as being the most sturdy and safe for models. 

In the meantime, I need to finish off my Nomads and make this purchase worth it. So keep an eye out for more Infinity goodness forthcoming.

Size comparison.. that is a 100x150mm base for the K'Daai Destroyer

Everything almost standing up

Pluck foam. Already pulled a few pieces out that I probably shouldn't have. Thankfully they can go back with some Super glue. 


  1. That was some wait, great patience by the way but there is better out there as you said but it's got it's uses, apologies for not visiting sooner as problems with the blogroll and deleting it caused me to miss people and now rectified....

  2. Thanks for that, and yes patience is a virtue, but Wayland games abused the heck out of it. Glad to hear that the blogroll is back up and running, I keep referring to yours for new tidbits of information and such. Cheers


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