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Fantasy Battle Rep: Dark Elfs vs Chaos Dwarfs.. seems like I learned this time..

Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd we're back with another battle.. this is the second battle during the same gaming session with the owner of the Dark Elf commission that I have been working on. This time however, I had taken all the knowledge that I have learned from the previous games with the Chaos Dwarfs. Main thing here.. not to use too many war machines, and to take no Deamonsmiths either. Since it was another 2000 point game, I didn't want to overload on the "special" elements of this army as much, and instead just focus on core basic principles within the army to do well. That and pray that it would work and that I got some luck in the dice rolls.

The Dark Elf player also learned from his previous games, and set himself up to play his army better. He removed a unit of repeater crossbows as they have done very little in the past. He also upped the number of shades to 2 units as they were doing well. 

Pre game set up

The armies were as below:
Chaos Dwarfs:
  • Prophet, lvl 3, Lore of Fire
  • Castelian BSB
  • 2x 29 Infernal Guards, Full Command, Hand Weapon and Shields, 1 unit with Razor Banner ( AP )
  • 2x 20 Hobgoblin Cutthroats with Bows and Shields, Muscians
  • 6 Bull Centaurs, Full Command, Banner of Stiding
  • 1 Deathshrieker
Dark Elfs:
  • Sorceror, Lvl 4, Lore of Shadows
  • Cauldron of Blood
  • 20 Repeater Crossbow
  • 35 Executioners
  • 35 Spearelfs
  • 7 Shades
  • 10 Shades
  • 6 Cold Ones
  • 5 Harpies
Somehow, the Chaos Dwarfs get first turn.. so strange..

Chaos Dwarfs Turn 1

Since it was the beginning, it was not hard to think what to do here. Chaos Dwarfs ran forward, fully ignoring the fact that 2 units of Shades are to their right most flank. The left most unit of Archers become furious, and kill 3 of their own, but having +1 to hit now! Bull centaurs marched over the ghost fence, but only 1 took a wound. Reaching the temple of skulls, the Champion of the Bull Centaurs calls out to the gods, and is granted with a +2 Initiative to his benefit. For magic, there was no real impact as everything was dispelled. The only warmachine I took for this game decided that it wasn't fair to play without his friends. So they committed hari kari on themselves, and blew up in a great fashion. But the archers passed their ld tests and stood their ground.

Dark Elfs Turn 1

In a surprise move the harpies fly out and block the Bull Centaurs so that they cannot charge anything positive next turn. Ok not really a surprise but these things happen. Shades moved up, one unit jumping into the building for cover, while the other attempted to round the building itself. Everything else just moves up, and the cold ones position themselves to charge next turn. Magic sees -2 T on the right most Chaos Dwarf unit, and shooting from the Shades sees them being reduced by 4 models. Cold One riders also received a 5+ ward save from the Cauldron of Blood.

Chaos Dwarfs Turn 2

Chaos Dwarfs on the right flank charge the Harpies in a hope that the Bull centaurs could get around them and charge the Cold Ones, but it was not to be, so they decided to charge the Spear Elfs instead. And that also was not to be as they missed it by an inch, and only moved forward 5 inches. Second CD unit reforms, passes their reform test, and moves forward. For magic, something happened!!!! Flame cage was cast on the Executioners in an attempt to keep them still and killing 2 in the process. Flame cloak is cast onto the Prophets unit, and the fireball runs out of gas before reaching the units in front of him. Archers turn to face the shades and fire, but in true Hobgoblin fashion do nothing, and no damage. Combat sees the Harpies losing 4, and running away, and the CDs moving forward enough to block the Cold One riders from charging the Bull Centaurs next turn. Things seem to be going along nicely for the Chaos Dwarfs at this time, however it is still early and many things can still happen.

Dark Elfs Turn 2

In a cowardly move, the Spearelfs reform and move backwards, allowing the cauldron to move forwards and more in range of the Cold One Riders. Executioners stay still with the flame cage on them, so thankfully that tactic worked. Cold ones charge into the right most Chaos Dwarfs. For magic, the Dark Elf Sorceress casts Mindrazor on the Cold Ones, causing them to be hitting very hard now this round. Shooting was ineffective, as the shades tried to hurt the Bull Centaurs, but they saved or were not wounded by the attacks.  In combat, the Cold Ones have the major advantage here. With Mindrazor cast on them, and the -2T stacked on the Chaos Dwarfs, you would think that this would be just abysmal, however, they stand their ground and only lose 7 in the process. Thankfully they are stubborn and have the BSB with them, so they stand and fight for another round.

Chaos Dwarf Turn 3

In a loss of mind, my Chaos Dwarfs charge the sole Harpy on the field. Completely forgetting that they have the flame cloak on them which will kill it in the magic phase, and preventing them from overrunning the unit. Such a beginners mistake! Archers charge into the shades on the right, while the other archers move into the building on the left. Bull centaurs move forward, stuck behind the now static Chaos Dwarfs! Magic has flame cage back on the Exectutioners, and Flame Cloak is still active on the Prophet. For combat, the Cold Ones with Mindrazor beat up the CDs once more. However in a really bad roll of luck, the CDs RUN AWAY!!! With ld 10 with the Prophet nearby, AND the BSB in the unit, they fail with a roll of 11, and then 12.. both my opponent and myself were shocked to see this happen.. as this completely threw off both of our battle plans. Thankfully, all other units stick around with this unit falling back. After the last turn, I thought I was doing well, but this turn made me rethink that assessment...

Dark Elfs Turn 3

Cold Ones reform by turning around, but then fail their ld test to move. Executioners do a go for it move, to charge the CDs, in an attempt to prevent having to be double teamed by them and the Bull Centaurs later. Due to flame cage, many die.. cause.. FIRE KILLS!!!!! They then also fail the charge!!!! So 7 casualties to a spell that just paid for itself. The crossbowmen charge the Hobgoblin archers in the house. They were too close for the HGs to stand and shoot, but stood their ground none the less. In the magic phase, the Dark Elf Sorceress called upon her gods and they granted her with 12 Power Dice!!! *Note, lots of !!!! in this turn due to the utter extremes that occurred..* However, even with the 12 dice in hand, nothing happened! Biggest attempt was the Pit of Shades on the Bull Centaurs but it was dispelled with 1 over the casting!!! Huge upset for the Dark Elf player there. Shooting was useless, and combat saw 2 HG archers on the right die to the Repeater Crossbowelfs, and the right hand HGs beating the shades in combat and making them run.

Chaos Dwarf Turn 4

After both sides having horrible last few turns, the Prophet turned to the Hashut gods and said a little pray.. hoping that a few things could go right this time around. Thankfully.. they did.. sort off..

The Hobgoblins on the right continued their charges after the shades, and ran them off the table. the 2 center units double charged the Executioners. Magic was simply putting up Flame Cage on the Spearelfs to try to prevent them from joining the central combat. Archers shot and killed to of the Crossbowelfs. In combat, the CDs were taking out Executioners left, right and center! An entire rank fell here, and although there were casualties back, the Chaos Dwarfs won the combat. Unfortunately, the Executioners stuck around thanks to being stubborn with the Cauldron nearby, and fighting would continue on.

Dark Elf Turn 4

Cold Ones rear charged the Bull Centaurs, and the Crossbow Elfs recharge the Archers in the building. Spearelfs stay put, due to the Flame Cage. Really liking that Flame cage right about now. Considering that it was getting off more than the pit of shades at a 3 to 0 ratio!!! Magic was not as effective as it could be, as only the Bull Centaurs were affected this round with a -1 to WS and a 5+ ward on the Executioners. Shooting saw 5 of the right Hobgoblins go down but in a miracle they pass their ld on a 4.
Combat on the left sees the Archers defending the building quite well, and taking no losses, but dishing out 2 for thinking that Elfs are better. In the major combat, no Cold Ones die, 1 Bull Centaur goes down and 2 CDs die also. However 3 Executioners bite it once more, and the fight continues as everything sticks around.

Chaos Dwarf Turn 5

Time to push for the gold.. more prayers are offered up to Hashut, as it seemed to work last time, so always best to push our luck on that yes?

Archers on the right however turn, and do nothing more. Flame cage gets cast once more ( that's 4-0 for those keeping count at home ) on the Spearelfs, again to keep them still while we finish up the combat in the center. Archers in the building kill 2 more Crossbow Elfs. Combat sees more Executioners die, another Bull Centaur go down, but again everyone is still in the fight here.

The amount of models, let alone units, on the table at this time are dwindling. It will help to make clean up much faster in the future.

Dark Elf Turn 5

In a bold move, the Spearelfs decide to join the fight even with the Flame Cage in effect!!! Quite a few Elfs are sacrificed to Hashut in the process. Crossbow Elfs again charge the building to the dug in Hobgoblins. Magic at this point is having no effect, aside from the Spearelfs now having the 5+ ward from the Cauldron instead of the final 2 Executioners. Shooting sees more HGs die on the right, but again for some reason they stick around! Go mighty mighty Hobgoblins!!!

Combat however is not so good. 8 Spearelfs die, and Executioners die outright. 2 Cold ones die here, and very little casualties on the Chaos Dwarf side. Elfs lose by 3 and run. With the Chaos Dwarfs chasing the Spearelfs, but the Bull Centaurs sticking around with the Cold One riders who somehow did pass their ld checks.

Chaos Dwarf Turn 6

In the end, we overuse the Hashut blessing and see that not one, but both HG units get Animosity! The right flank squabbles among itself doing nothing for this turn, while the other unit kills 2 of its own to have a +1 to hit roll! The Chaos Dwarfs chase the Spearelfs off the table, thus making them safe for the next turns anything, and also removing any magic that I would cast. Combat saw another Cold One die and a Bull Centaur alongside it, and that was that for the Chaos Dwarfs.

Dark Elfs Turn 6

Not much to do here, the Crossbow Elfs once more charge against the building, and again do nothing. The cauldron moves just because it could. Shades in the far right building kill 3 more Hobgoblins, who finally say enough is enough and begin to run, but stick around on the table to see the outcome of the battle. Close combat sees the BCs get stuck in with the Cold Ones, but no results to either side, and we just stand there going wtf..

In the end it was a great game! Why? Well it should be obvious.. WE WON!!! Actually it was a great game as it showed me a bit more of what the CDs can do, and what my play style is like with them. Heavy hitters like the Bull Centaurs was a blessing indeed. They are very tough with the Heavy armor, shields combo and being monstous beasts. Need to check if they get the 2+ armor save this way, but if so then they are worth the exorbitant price in points. Chaos Dwarfs in 30s are good also. Very solid, and barring any ridiculous ld rolls ( I mean come on.. 11 and then a 12??? but Hobgoblins can pass with a ld of 6? ) they stick around for a long time. Also was good to learn about reforming in combat, and what I needed to do in order to do this also. Allowed me to get in more attacks with the CDs in the Executioner fight, which in turn helped to close the gap there further.

Not sure when the next game is, but after my last few orders from various places, I should have a better looking table and have the proper equipment to play it with ( Tape measures in inches!!! Who would have thought this was difficult to find in Turkey??? ).

Till next time then..  

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