MiniaturicuM Paint Rack

So after years of storing my paints in my drawer of a spare cabinet left over from a bedroom reno years past, I have finally bitten the bullet and bought a proper paint rack.

After a lot of searching online for a while, I stumbled upon a great article from Tale of Painters showing off a great review on one from a company called MiniaturicuM. Check out the article as it is quite illuminating as to why this is a good place to store your paints.

Shipping from MiniaturicuM was decent. Cost was decent, only 8.90 Euros, plus since Turkey is not part of the EU, the VAT was removed. So it made the price more affordable. Shipping took a little over a week, which was not bad, and the package it came in was very sturdy, with plenty of packing peanuts and lots of tape. Will be looking at more of their products in the future.

Have had it for a week so far, and I have to say that it is brilliant to have around. I know it is not much to turn around and pull paint from a drawer, but the sheer fact of being able to see the paints themselves when wanting to grab one is making a huge difference to me. Plus, it seems that I have bought a lot of duplicate paints over the years, some of them not even opened. Seems I have a problem with ordering things and just add paints that I think I need when I am not home, but need to top up my Maelstrom order to be over 10 GBP for their free shipping. Really need to stop doing that I guess :)

Anyways, check the article from Tale of Painters, check the MiniaturicuM site also, and if so inclined pick one up.

Only word of warning I can say about it is that it has a large space footprint. I knew it was bit due to the sheer number of paints it can hold, but it is still surprising that it can be so large. Will be interesting to see what 2 of them look like on my desk from Ikea.. but in the end I see it being better to have than not.

Other issue that I have with it is that the shelf sides area a bit short. They are perfect for the GW pots, but as you can see, I don't exactly have too many of them. Most of my GW paints come from the Foundation and Washes range. Plus some older range Inks, and a Boltgun Metal that I picked up recently cause, well.. I have no idea why.. again.. I think I have a problem with buying paints :)

Anyways more photos of it, filled with what is half of my collection of paints.

So many paints.. and this is only half of my Vallejo collection. Second one is required to store the rest of them.

Nice hand hold on the side, but honestly, due to the small lips on the shelves, I would not recommend moving it.

Top shelf is a bit scary as the lip is not enough to keep Vallejo colors from falling due to clumsy hands.


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