Monday, December 26, 2011

Dark Elf Assassin

Lately I seem to be on a roll for characters, and thankfully the character models that were part of this Dark Elf commission army are just that.. full of character..

This latest one is to be an Assassin for his army ( I suppose ).. and it is a conversion based off of the Mercenary Eiryss, Mage Hunter of LOS from the Warmachine range. Just the arms were not used, and Corsair arms were put in its place.

Originally the model looked like this:

Converted version of the model came out like:

Color scheme was close to the last character in that the cloak was done with layers of grey over a black primer base, but then heavily washed with GW Badab Black Wash.

What I aimed for this model was to really tie it into the main force once more, but to still keep it a bit darker. The chainmail was painted as such, inside cloak was painted purple, as was the tunic, though not to the same purple/pink level as previous models. Leather aspects were just VGC Beastly Brown, and washed with Devlan Mud.

Overall I had fun painting this model. Took a little over 1.5 hrs to complete, mostly due to some of the heavier washes taking time to dry. Best part to me on the model was the face. It has so much details and just took to paint so well and easy unlike some other models I have done recently.

More characters forthcoming, but also the Crossbow Elf units will also be painted up very soon. 

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