Monday, December 19, 2011

Infinity: Battle Rep

To start off, my normal opponent flew up to Istanbul for a weekend of gaming, and to kick things off we started with a 200 pt fight in Infinity. Pitting his Ariadnas against my Nomads. Seems to be quite the animosity between these forces as they continue to end up on other sides of each other.

For this weekend, I had put in a bit of work on the terrain. Getting a bit more of the spackle finished on some of the buildings to give it some texture. Will go into details on them at a later date, but I also got them primed grey instead of having theme stark white like previous games.

Our forces were a bit REM heavy this time around, both of us trying out new strategies that revolved around these mechanical death machines.

Quick note, we did find out ( thankfully before the game started ) that REM controllers are required for every faction.. something to think about when bringing out these guys.

So off we went, both pulling out our primary and secondary missions. For me this was Advance and Assessment. For my forces this should have been a good combo. As I was planning on becoming a bit more engaging and aggressive on the table.

My list was the following:

  • 4 Morlocks with Chain Rifles and Smoke Grenades
  • Interventor with Hacking Plus
  • Paramedic Alguacil
  • Alguacil with Combi Rifle
  • 2 Reaktion Zonds with HMGs
  • Tsyklon 
  • Lunokhod
So as previously stated, very REM heavy. The plan was to advance them under the cover of smoke, being shot out from the Morlocks. I had focused them close together on the left flank to move up in a group, and to provide cover, and plenty of AROs where needed. This was also due to my opponent placing 2 Camo markers on the top floor of the central buildings. Making any attempt to move up the middle difficult, and potentially very dangerous. 

With the plan in place, we then started the game, and my brillant plan immediately fell apart.. I just have to say that I despise Veteran Kazaks with X-Visor and AP Rifles.. just in case anyone was wondering. I also do not like it when I forget to ARO with my Morlock to drop smoke, and block the rest of his shooting which in turn could have saved my left flank reaktion zond. Lesson here.. CHECK EVERY MODEL FOR ARO!!! Will write that on my opponents forehead next time so that I can have a constant reminder :)

The Ariadna plan was in full effect however, with his Vet Kazak taking out my left flank, his Para Commando hurting my right flank upon entry, and his Camo's causing me pain in just sitting there. 

Normally in other wargames, this would be a time to say, ok, I quit.. you win.. good game.. lets play another.. however in Infinity, I have seen a single lone model become very dangerous, and still pull of spectacular results. So I pressed on, changing my strategy to be that the Morlocks would now by my oppressive force, and everything else would just pray they don't die. This strategy worked 50%. 

My Interventor, Alguacils and REMs ended up getting slaughtered when the Vet Kazak came out of hiding, and gunned down my forces. Then proceeded to steal their cubes for his Collect mission. 

The Morlocks in return, put a wound on the Vet Kazak, and taking out a Chasseur ( now named Swiss Chasseur ), both with chain rifles. I think they have become the new weapon of choice with a large flamer template, -6 to dodge, and being able to be used as a speculative shot while only having to roll lower than my WIP of 14. 

This did not win me the game however, but I did show that the possibility was at least there to do so. 

The only other interesting thing that had come up was a launching of a repeater from the Tsyklon REM at his Traktor Mul. Needing a full 1 on a d20 to hit without scatter, I managed to roll a 4, which actually turned out to be much better. It landed in the middle of his entire force, allowing me to spot 80% of his army, and still get an attempt to Hack his Mul at the same time. With my high WIP On the Interventor this should have been no problem, however it seems that I have misread the WIP, thinking it was 14, and rolled a 15. Thinking I had failed, we continued on. However while writing this, I see that the stat cards we use ( from a fan made device ) was wrong, and I should have Immbolized his Mul. Thankfully it was not making a huge difference in the game itself, however it is definitely something to look at more closely in the future. 

Still in the end, we had a great game. Learned a bit more about our rules, what works, what can be a surprise and what might swing the game into our favor a bit more later on. Now I need to focus on painting up the terrain more, and finishing up these awesome models as they are just too cool not to put paint to them, and its a shame to play them in pure metal at times. 


  1. Great battle report! Sounded like great fun.

    I'm just starting with Infinity, and you've definitely given some lessons here!

  2. Thanks. Will be putting up more about Nomads and how I am using them. Always learning something new whenever we play. Sometimes good ( Morlocks ) sometimes bad ( too much REMs, Camo, Li Troops ).

    Needs a real balance in the force to play well. But I still like to just take things that I think look cool also so.. :D


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