Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Napoleon Wars: Russians

A long time ago, I had started up Napoleon Wars in 15-20mm sized models. The group that I game with had a few members with armies already, and were looking for more players. Have to say, that due to the size, the price of the models was very tempting.. and so off I went into the deep end taking one of the larger of the nations under my wing..

I have to say that I haven't done much on them, but using the rules that we use ( Black Powder from Warlords ) I have enough to field about 500 points at the moment.

Although they are in such a small scale, one that I have not done before, they were pretty simple to do up. The models I used for my forces are primarily from HAT, and the detail on them are great. They really hold a lot of character within such a small space, that I was quite surprised actually with some of the end results. Especially the Militia models. Although I did them in a simple color scheme, I think they really came out nice.

For command models I pulled what I thought were some of the more interesting models from the sets, and just painted them in a bit more detail.

I will probably go back over some of these models soon enough as it has been well over 2 yrs since I have touched them last, and I cannot for the life of me remember some of the recipes for them, though it looks to be mostly GW Foundation Greens, Skin, and VGC Cold Grey.

Hopefully my painting schedule will clear up soon enough to allow me to touch them up a bit more, though in the meantime I also have an Austrian army that has been benched for a friend of mine for almost as long. so that might take priority. 

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