Monday, February 18, 2013

Project Daemons of Chaos: Herald of Khorne

As soon as I saw this model, I knew that I needed to pick it up.

I have been looking for something that can be used as a Herald of Khorne. This guy fits the bill. OK, not a full deamon, but considering that one of the versions of Heralds that I use is one with the Armor of Khorne and the Firestorm Blade.

He will do great for this role and is quite large in comparison to the others. Now I need to paint up more Bloodletters for him to lead!

Nothing special on the paint job though.. just red armor, and bronze/silver throughout the edgings.

He also benefited from an oil wash in some areas as well. Though I really need to branch out there to try other colors than black.

More photos below..


  1. Hola Amigo
    Buena figura,y buena elecion de colores,el nogro y rojo siempre quedan bien para los demonios

  2. Cracking looking figure and Paintjob.


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