Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Project UK: The Cleaved Warmachine Thralls

So I have already showed one of these guys before as a Cleaved Servitor model. Now it was time to finish off the rest of the units.

With all the display models and contest entries aside, I am diving back into where I feel most comfortable: Mass painting table top models! Something that I can go on, almost, auto-pilot to get things done!

Same recipe as the original, except I now had some Oil colors to play around with on them. Again mostly for the washing on the models to grime them up a bit, but it did help a lot on the metal sections. Really gave them definition after just a simple base coat was applied.

The second batch were of the Bile Thralls from Warhmachine also. Painted in the same scheme, but they had more skin than armor or metal sections.

So it was with this group that I experimented with some variations in the skin tones, which I also applied to the other batch. Going from a Bugman's Base, Cadian midtone, and Kislev highlight, before slapping on layers of glazes in green/yellow/red. End result is quite nice for a table top gaming model though I think so I am really happy with it.

Next model up for this commission is the bigger bile thrall model from Warmachine.. won't link to it, cause if you don't know it, then it will be a surprise, and if you do.. well good on you ;)

Cheers and more to come..


  1. I like these figures and the atmosphere that you have created with your paint


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