Monday, October 6, 2014

Road to Scale Model Challenge..

So we are down to the last week before my next competition here.. Scale Model Challenge which is located in Eindhoven, Netherlands.

Above is a quite shot of the layout for the models that I plan to bring. Though I decided late last night that the red brick one will not be going in the end. It requires more effort than I have time for this week and am not going to take something half-cooked here to the show.

Though I am making checklists for the other pieces, taking the advice I have received in many places for it, and what I should be focusing on to improve them. Mostly quick fixes for many, but enough that will take a good evenings worth of work to get them figured out.

Last night I started on the Alien bust. Working to remove some of the "airbrush" look to the head. Cleaning up the separations between the claw/head, and mask/face. Adding further irritation marks near the mask sections. And toning down the blue aspects on it as well.

After a couple hours of work, it was really coming together further, and making a bigger impact on the eyes even though I didn't touch them. Which was nice to see that working for me.

I will continue on the leather sections tonight on the Alien, but then move on wards to the Ronin next. Fixing some of the texture sections there as they should be relatively easy fixes there to move forward. Though the thought of freehand, although would really make a nice impact on it, is not on the table for this week.. but perhaps something to think about on the next piece.

Let's see.. but expect quite a few of these mini-update posts this week as progress is made..


  1. Hola
    Buena suerte,se ven magníficos trabajos en esa caja
    ya contaras
    un saludo

  2. How do you transport the models? Are they magnetized to the wood?

    1. Will put some blu-tac to the bottom of the bases, and affix them to the wood. I want to magnatize them in the future.. maybe future projects will have this done to them.. though am always concerned with those and taking it on the plane then..

    2. They're being held on just by blu-tac? Oh my. I'd be nervous the entire trip!!!

    3. Has worked well in the past, and am not concerned for this trip either. Let's see though :D

  3. I was curious to see how they were packed prior to a show, there must be nervous few moments as you unwrap them on arrival.

    1. I have gone through many different variations on transporting my models.. and am down to 2 pieces these days... the one above and a larger HobbyZone box. Though, if I were perfectly honest, I would buy a third one that is just under the size restrictions for RyanAir/EasyJet cabin luggage. That is the scariest part of the trip.. will they airline accept the box!

      As for nervous about how they are upon arrival.. no problems so far ( knock on wood ) due to using a lot of blutac! More scary when I try to take the models off the boards!


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