Friday, October 10, 2014

Final day before SMC travels!

So final day.. though with tonight being one with friends and family before the travels tomorrow, no painting tonight. Just some relaxing and fun before more fun and adventures throughout the weekend.

Many are on their way now to Eindhoven for the show. My facebook wall is packed with images and comments of those heading off to meet up, and many comments of looking forward to seeing friends at the show.

There are also many going to the Warhammer Fest show this weekend in Coventry, UK which just so happens to be happening at the same time.

As well, my friends back in Turkey are setting up ready for their first painting workshop with Banshee! One that I wished I could be at!

All in all, much travel occurring throughout the weekend, and many painter related events happening. I wish everyone the best of luck with it, and look forward to all the updates that will come via social media afterwards! And with some that I hope to have more in depth chats on to see how they were ( like how the guys in Turkey do with proper painting instruction! ).

For me, I got a bit further on Brekk last night. Again it is really something to be working on an older piece and really playing with it further. I didn't want to update the eyes too much, but in the end it happened. Nothing major, but I did add a bit more style to them. One of the main things was adding a touch of White Metallic to the edges of the pupils. And then glossing over it. I think this might have something to do in the future, but will see as I give it a shot more in the future.

Top photo is the updated face version.. and I think it is plain to see the change. I really emphasized the eyes more, and the contrast between the light/dark. I also really played with that scar over his eye, and did the updates to them also.

Played with the lip to add some color and volume to it.. not fully sold on it.. but I like the effects that it could give. More trials there are required in the future.

I also added a bit more to the orange cloth sections with some more blue glazes in the shadows, and more orange onto the highlights. It did take away the contrast, so I had to go back over it again.

The leather cowl didnt get too much done to it except for some purple in the shadows to deepen them up a bit.

All in all. I had fun with this. Do I think it is better than before? Yes. Do I think it is finished.. probably not.. will I work on it some more? Dunno.. maybe? But for now it is done, and everything is in my miniature transport ready for the travels.

Check out my facebook page as I tend to do quite a few updates there while on travels.. and for the rest it will be next week! So enjoy for now, have fun this weekend, and if your at the SMC come find me!

Most likely I will be this funny looking guy above carrying a camera case and bags of loot! Say hi, and get yourself some stickers!

If not, and are at one of the other events enjoy it and let me know how it was in the comments below! Otherwise.. just enjoy the weekend and wait for the report on the SMC!!!!


  1. Ooh stickers :) See you on Sunday!

  2. Best of luck in the competition! Have a great time!

    1. Thanks Greg.. I know I will do the latter, but the former might be a tough one ;)

  3. I am really thinking about hopping in my car and drive the ~600km and join the show. So IF I do that I will definitely keep an eye open for this big guy on the photo above ;)

    1. DO IT! If you come, and when you find me, I will buy you a drink for your troubles! 600kms is nothing.. I have faith in you!

    2. Habe to See. Would be then going up at 3 in the night, ~6 hours drive, beging the first time in a show like this, ~6 hours back and getting up the next day in roughly 6 to get to work... 666 number oft the beast ;-)
      Have to talk with Mrs. Para about that. If she would join then maybe, otherwise its most likely too demanding.


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