Friday, June 7, 2013

Project UK: Last ganger batch, WIP

I am currently on route back home, and should be landing around now. Hopefully everything is safer in Turkey and I get home well enough. Before leaving for this trip I had 4 more models of this ganger set to finish and this is what stage they were at before leaving.

My goal is to now finish them tonight and then focus on some chaos marines over the weekend, though that is all dependent on what happens this weekend around here. Enjoy!


  1. Really good paint Mr Lee , i like this series of models .
    Here my favorite is the fat man :)
    Vincent .

  2. Hola
    Buena colección si señor
    Estoy con el Captain el gordo mola un montón
    un saludo

  3. Cheers guys, I also like the big guy the most out of the group! Though the captain of the group turned out real well in the end I think. Will have to post him up soonish eh? :)


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