Friday, June 28, 2013

WIP Dark Angel Belial Part 3

I would love to say that this is the last WIP before you see the final work of this guy, but that would be a lie. As always, I am trying to get as much feedback on this model as I can as I am trying to go for a much higher quality than normal on it.

As such, I am getting a lot of positive constructive comments on how to improve it. And for the most part, currently the main comments revolve around tightening up the colors a bit, smoothing out the layers, and getting more contrast on the pieces. Sounds simple, but in reality, extremely difficult. More so as when I take one step forward, I usually get a massive step backwards on another section. Always learning though so what can you really say about it!

Here you can see I started on the metal sections, I have changed the ceremonial rope to be red, and his dagger too. Yeah, that is about it! Spent the rest of my painting time playing Dragon's Dogma on PS3 instead. :) Not as rewarding, but climbing up the back of a troll to strike him in the eye is pretty fun!

Anyways, cloak is still far from finished, and not sure how else I will tackle it yet. Nor what colors I will use for the trim piece that sticks out from it.

Though I also have to say that this Failcast model of Belial really sucks. I spent far too long trying to fix it, and I am still seeing issues with it everywhere. Thankfully I will make this model for show instead of gaming. Not sure he would survive a couple of games seeing how flimsy he is. Will recreate him from the plastic boxset of terminators one day for gaming purposes I think.

Anyways.. let me know what you think of it now. As stated, there will be more posts on him in the future, and always appreciate the feedback on this project!


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