Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Project UK: DV Cultists cont.

And now the close combat versions of these cultists..

Am actually again really liking them, though I know I can do better, they are for table top quality. I think if I were ever to pick up another ( 3rd box? ) of the Dark Vengeance I might try a bit more effort into them.. but that would have to sit behind my Dark Angels project, my Nomad Infinity project, my 10k points of Daemons still waiting to be painted and a host of other side projects as well. Soooo probably not happening anytime soon.

You can see a few prawn tattoos on them once more. Really like doing those, as they make the models a bit more unique I think.. and well.. every warlord needs some prawns to do their bidding :)

Next up are some Word Bearer Chosen from the box set. They looked simple to do, until you start to really see all the details on them! Dammmmmn... so much details!


  1. Great Mr Lee !
    Really good work

  2. That is a seriously disturbed group of chaps - beautifully painted - but seriously disturbed!

  3. I would not want to meet them in a dark alley.. that much is for sure :) Glad you like them.. again just quick paint jobs so :)

  4. Nice brushwork. These tattoos are great.


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