Monday, January 4, 2016

USMC Armor.. Roll in!!!

This took me about one day to paint up thanks to the airbrush and oil washes. The different colored Sherman though was my first attempt and came out a different shade. I did not like it, so bought more dark green to give us a deeper base color to play with.

2 poorly casted Chaffees that I bought off of eBay.. really wish I had not bought these as they are poorly done, and the write up on them were badly done to trick people. But whats done is done and they will join the cause to fight the opposition!

The pre-order plastic scout cars.. 2 M8s, and a M20 ready to ride forward and recce out of the way when needed.

2 M3 Halftracks painted up to get the marines into combat..

2 M16s ready to mow down enemy troops, or also to take out aircrafts as they come in for bombing runs.. Might be a bit cheesy to have 2 of them, but at the same time proper american style to go for excess..

The spearhead of my army, triple Sherman 75mm with wooden side armor, and extra stowage to last longer in the fight!

And what I am calling my command Sherman here.. the first one that I painted up to get a color scheme in place.. but it came out too light colored.. and I did not like the coloring for it.. But the resin version is a nicer piece to paint than the plastic ones..

I need to do some more color variation to the greener tanks, but for now they will do and can be put to the test in some games :)

And a poorly done up photo of the entire US army now ready to mobilize onto the field! Ready to fight against my Japanese at times..

Let's see how it goes when they both get put onto the field then shall we? :)


  1. Just amazing! What a sight, unless you are the enemy!

    1. Thanks Michael.. the Japanese tanks got primed on the weekend.. so expect to see a set of them coming out soon enough ;)

  2. A fantastic looking amount of armour!

  3. However bad they are/were, those Chaffees look OK


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