Tuesday, January 26, 2016

German Armor.. on loan..

A quick post before the game tonight..

3 German tanks.. I think they are Panzers, but of which type that eludes me.. I am a really terrible historical player here it seems as I don't recognize or understand any of the vehicles unless I have played them myself :)

For this my common floormat opponent at the club had a few unpainted German tanks kicking around in our last game. So I offered to paint them up for him since it should not take me too long to do so. He gave me all 3, plus a tank on which to copy for the pattern.

I did go on a very simple method for painting it. Mostly it was primed with the base color of IJA Yellow and Grey Green ( very little to tint the yellow mostly ), and then brown and green splotches were applied throughout the armor.

From here, and after all the metals were painted and the rubber for the tyres were done, I varnished it with the gloss, and applied a heavy black oil wash on it. Possibly too heavy in some spots, but then again it is German, and they got a lot of wear in the war I figured.

Once done, the matte varnish came out to seal it in, and I drybrushed the entire tank once more with the yellow to bring back some of the details and edges. I could go full on and do some pigments, and chipping and blah blah.. but looking at his test model, this is quite in line to that, and I didn't want to go too far on them. Always easier to move forward than backwards when painting up weathering.. so if he wants some of it later one we can always go back to it.

Now to finish prepping my models for tonights game.. he will be bringing a lot of little medium/light tanks vs my Pershing and 4 Sherman list. This should be interesting as I suspect I will be outgunned at least 2 to 1 here.. so he will have the tactical advantage on that aspect in the game.. for a change :D


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